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The Grand Climax Satanic Holiday July 2014

Opening the “Gates of Hades”

With the Grand Climax approaching, I wanted to provide some thoughts to those who are busy preparing for this unholy Satanic holiday. The Satanic Grand Climax is celebrated worldwide by covens of all sizes and walks of life and sole practitioners near and far. From eastern Europe to the tip of Argentina, the Black Flame will burn to honor Satan and the Hosts of Hell. The conjuration of Satanic and Demonic power used by the coven is both enjoyed and savored by every member. The true freedom and uncensored actions of the Satanist allows one to be totally honest without feelings of shame or perceived threats of ostracization. We belong to Satan and we look to His power for our wants and needs to be abundantly satisfied. This is Devil Worship; always has been and always will be. Hail Satan!

Satanic Rituals

There are countless conspiracy theorists who twist reality into their desired meanings. Many others seek their “15 minutes” of fame by allegedly discovering a plot; then speak on the subject as an authority. These purveyors of rhetoric come and go without substance or justification. To me, this is entertainment, not to be taken seriously at all.

We Are Going About The Father’s Work

As you can imagine, this week has been quite busy. Now, as we catch our breath, our Coven prepares to usher the Satanic celebration and receive the benediction of His charge. We send our Satanic Blessings to those of the grove and wish you the very best hijinx! You are a wonderful Satanic Concilium! LOL

As you can imagine, we all struggle with our collective goals and the metaphorical roadblocks placed in our paths. With this passing weekend, we begin to prepare for the coming of more nuisances. I am constantly bombarded with xtian aggravation and the atheistic “Satanists” who simply want to “speak of which they know nothing”. From one to another, I do not know who is the greater fools! “The Work” continues……

Father, Illuminate Our Path

I sincerely wish those who travel the LHP the very best of success tomorrow night and know that Magnum Opus is with you in thought and spirit. Do not be dissuaded nor let your hand tremble upon the hilt for mercy was decided long ago. From corner to corner, let the illuminating darkness fill the sanctum while flesh is rent and blood flows. We kneel before the blackest of love and the power of His will. We transverse the Parallax Dimension and invite the Satanic Court from on high! Grand Climax Satanic Sacrifice

Stand tall and offer the Praeludium as a conquering army of souls. Ring the bell and drink deeply from the chalice. From the Cardinals of the compass, our voices overpower with hate. They shall grovel at the feet of a stone yet their pleas remain unanswered.

Those who slumber in congregations, you shall soon be awaken to the glorious dawn; The Star in the night! This shall begin, as ages of old, with a voice in the wild. We shall answer and prepare HIS way.

Satanic Blessings!!!

Until next time,


Satanic Crucifix In Vagina

The Coven – Sinister Chant, Satanic Ritual Bell and Female vs. Male Satanic Altars

Join me in The Coven!!

This episode: Sinister Chant, Satanic Ritual Bell and Female vs. Male Satanic Altars


Sinister Chant, Satanic Ritual Bell and Female vs. Male Satanic Altars



witchcraft and demons

NEW BOOK RELEASE! “Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas”

NEW BOOK RELEASE! “Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas”


Sanctum of Shadows II

Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas by Aleister Nacht


Satanic and Demonic manifestation is a shocking and baffling experience. Satanists often call upon Satanic forces which require knowledge, dedication, practice, study and investment on a daily basis in order to master.

“Volume II: Corpus Satanas”, the second book in the “Sanctum of Shadows” series, explains the interrelationships between Satan and Satanic Demons who exist just beyond, yet regularly transverse, our dimension. Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht provides names and characteristics of the Demons he calls upon most frequently for effective results.

This volume also includes special excerpts from the Satanic Grimoire “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”, interpreted and explained by Magus Nacht.

“Sanctum of Shadows Volume II” builds upon the foundation of the first volume; assisting the Satanist to better understand Satan, Demons, Energy and the practice of Satanic Magic.





“True Detective” – Louisiana, Satanism, Devil Worship and Child Sacrifice

I have been asked by several readers if the HBO series “True Detective has accurately portrayed Voodoo (Voudon) and Devil Worship in Louisiana. After much thought, I have decided to weigh-in on the subject…….so to speak.True Detective on HBO

I grew up and spent the better part of 22 years in southern and northern Louisiana. One thing I can unequivocally say is the northern and southern parts have only one thing in common; both are in Louisiana. Almost polar opposites (in my opinion) are these two very different cultures and societies. During my years in New Orleans, I became quite accustomed to and familiar with the practices of Hoodoo, Santería and VoudonMy earliest influences of magic were from Hoodoo and Voodoo practitioners. I learned so much from those who were eager and willing to share. Most of my knowledge of these practices came predominately from African-American women. The practice of Hoodoo and Voodoo are closely related to the study of Satanic Magic and Demonic Rituals; several similarities and common denominators.

“Is there any monster in this world worse than man? This is hard to talk about and harder to believe, but some of the suspects have told us their intention in all of this was devil worshipping. We are in disbelief about all of this. Never in a million, million years would we have guessed that he was capable of these things.” Reference

I suppose you are reading this blog post and really wanting to hear the “nitty-gritty” of what True Detective is portraying; ritualistic child sacrifice. The fact that True Detective takes many of its elements from actual events and records adds greatly to its realism and I believe, to its overall impact. Yes, children have been hurt and in some cases, killed during rituals and ceremonies in Louisiana.Inverted Crucifix in Woman's Mouth

“In 2012, Louisiana State Police Detectives Rust Cohle and Martin Hart are brought in to revisit a homicide case they worked in 1995. As the inquiry unfolds in present day through separate interrogations, the two former detectives narrate the story of their investigation, reopening unhealed wounds, and drawing into question their supposed solving of a bizarre ritualistic murder in 1995. The timelines braid and converge in 2012 as each man is pulled back into a world they believed they’d left behind. In learning about each other and their killer, it becomes clear that darkness lives on both sides of the law.” Reference

I was instinctively drawn to the first episode because it was filmed in Louisiana. After the first episode, I was hooked. While watching each episode, I could almost smell the stench of stagnant back-water bayous, feel the humidity and sweat running down my face, smell the cafe’ au lait at Café du Monde and taste the Crawfish Étouffée in New Orleans (pronounced Nawlins). The story is set in rural Louisiana nonetheless, there are countless Familiars for me. I love Louisiana and always look back in time with fondness however, it was not the best of times……Heroin almost killed meAs I said before, Louisiana has had actually cases of child molestation, children used in rituals and child sacrifice. For me, it is not a huge stretch of the imagination to accept True Detectives as factual; perhaps even a documentary on ritual sacrifice or the wide-spread, systematic exploitation of those who are at a disadvantage.

I knew people who practiced certain “Rituals” in the swamps west of New Orleans. For me, they were ‘hardcore’ and over the line so I did not pursue a relationship beyond the occasional beer in the Quarter (French Quarter). While I do not know of any specific criminal activities, it would not be difficult to imagine these people being involved in something like Rust and Marty experienced in True Detective. There were always rumors of “expirations” surrounding those who operated in the shadows of Louisiana societal fringe.  Those who have experienced life on “the street” know the best way to avoid becoming alligator bait is to keep the lips pressed tightly together. More than one person paid the ultimate price for asking too many questions or ignoring subtle, yet well-articulated advice to “shut -the-fvck-up”.Nude Satanic Ritual Altar Woman

The sacrifice of a child and rendering of innocent blood holds special magical attributes for some. To take the life of another would not be difficult for some individuals. Whether you label it Satanism, Paganism, Hoodoo, Voodoo or Politics, all have their share of sociopaths and psychopaths. They believe the use and incorporation of blood, regardless of its source, will make the coven’s magic stronger. In Louisiana, the predominance of Voodoo lends itself to being more of what True Detective is all about. References to Voudon, Marsh Cult (a.k.a. Marsh Mafia), Carcosa, Société Voudon Gnostique and Circir de mardis gras point to groups, circles, cults, covens etc. that may embrace maladaptive behaviors and incorporate them into ritualistic practices. From an aspect of Hoodoo, I would venture to say the possibilities of child sacrifice are less common simply by virtue of the ritual or magical operation.

The commission of illegal acts during rituals is nothing new. The practice has happening since the beginning of recorded history and perhaps will continue well beyond the time you and I tread upon this dirt ball. One fact remains; children are abused and murdered every day around the world. It does not require a coven nor shouting Hail Satan. Our society as a whole does better than any coven could dream of doing!! For that reason, I believe True Detective could in fact, happen. The sun will set on the Bayou and tomorrow, the sun will rise. Whatever happens in between is…….better left unsaid.

I must admit, I greatly enjoyed the series and was a bit sad after the finale. If you have not watched this series, it is On Demand and is definitely worth the investment of your time. 


The Coven by Aleister Nacht

Join The Coven by Aleister Nacht

Magnum Opus by Aleister Nacht

Books by Aleister Nacht

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2013 Satanic Reflection by Aleister Nacht

I’m back in the cozy confines of my home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. For those who noticed my extended absence from the virtual world, I have been in Louisiana assisting with our 6th coven to be added to Magnum Opus. While I love spreading Satanism and embracing new members (literally), I am very happy to be back home! As Ozzy said “No rest for the wicked”.

Anyone who follows my blog knows I am often sentimental on my personal retrospective self-reflection. I tend to pontificate for what seems an eternity and I certainly would do that today however, I am too fvckin’ tired. I want to momentarily glance back at the fleeting 2013 year and recognize some “happenings” as we all prepare to turn the page.woman at satanic altar

Entschuldigung……..Arbeit Macht Frei

1. In June, I released my 7th Satanic book entitled Sanctum of Shadows Vol. 1: The Satanist. I created the Sanctum of Shadows series to aid in the acclimation for new practitioners of Satanism / Devil Worship. The Satanist creates a firmly anchored foundation of “self” on which to build the processes of Higher Satanic Magic. The premise for my book is simple; I would love to have found a book 25+ years ago with this information!

2. Satanism with Aleister Nacht premiered on BlogTalkRadio September 8th. I have experimented with the format and I intend to do a few more shows before making the decision to continue or end the series. Let me know your thoughts and opinion……..To be or not to be? That is the question.

3. While in Germany last December, I created an online forum to share thoughts, ideas and opinions with the entire occult community. The Dark Arts Forum has since grown in numbers while maintaining “quality” membership. We are not the biggest but I do believe we are the best. My vision is simple; “Intelligent exchange of ideas in a respectful setting“. This is not the place for illiterate neanderthals or smart-ass Trolls……..they do not last very long! For those wishing to learn more about Satanism, Wicca and other occult arts while connecting withknowledgeable and approachable practitioners, this is the place for you! A special thank you to Cassie and Naci!!!!

4. For the past 79 weeks, my Book of Satanic Magic has remained in the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Bestselling Books (Satanism genre). While this is certainly a record achievement, it would not be possible without YOU, MY READERS!! I feel your love and approval every time I receive a sales report. I have the greatest Readers in the world; that is the fvcking truth. To show my appreciation to YOU, I have made my books available on Kindle Matchbook, which allows you to buy the new print edition of my book (or purchased in the past) and buy the Kindle edition for only $2.99 (Save 67%). Click here for my Amazon Author Page

5. I celebrated the second anniversary of Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Magic Blog with visitor number 200,000!! I sincerely hope my blog continues to inspire and educate those searching for truth.

topless woman in mask

Now, here are a few of my blog posts and videos that created a buzz or received the most email correspondence from Readers. They are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Recommended Blog Posts of 2013

1. Descent Into Madness (February)

“In the ’80s, drugs were recreational and only hardcore, drug starved fvckers were shooting Heroin. Looking back in retrospect, I am lucky to be alive and extremely lucky to have dodged the bullet of HIV, AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, blood poisoning, overdose, and the list goes on and on…..those are the medical threats. New Orleans, Lower 9th, shooting gallery, white boy with a pocket full of cash……….people have died for a lot less.”

2. Theistic Satanism (July)

“In our world today, it seems as if people need labels to clearly identify, categorize and segregate people and ideas. Without a label, every person must attempt to understand the particular person or topic; a label makes it so much easier for those who do not wish to invest time nor thought to form an opinion. After all, such analysis will only lead to …………..”a label”.”

3. Children Seek Satanism To Survive (August)

“As society fumbles through a plethora of teenagers’ challenges and problems, parents again revert to the copout of forcing illogical lies down the throats of their children. These Seekers do not cease to think, wonder or analyze received information; they begin to reach out to those who offer answers, sometimes painful and damaging yet nonetheless the truth; individuals like myself, who have been in their situations and lived the very life they now experience.”

4. Sell Your Soul To Satan (August)

“I have written many posts about the “selling the soul” which many people believe will bring them wealth, fame and other desires they may have deep in their minds. I receive countless correspondences from those who want something from Satan and they offer the King of the World……………….their soul. These individuals (sometimes a group) feel they are entitled to wealth and riches although he / she has not invested effort, time, money, thought, self-development nor do they feel as if those investments are required.”

5. Fatal Satanic Mistakes (October)

“I have concocted 12 fatal mistakes a Satanist can make however, due to the possibility that YOU(“Reader”) will grow bored after a few minutes and possibly surf away, I decided to trim the subject matter down to five (5). I felt this would give you quick, simple yet useful information.”

nude women and satanic altar

6. Wicca, Witchcraft and Satanism (October)

“Without Witches, Satanism would wither and die as a theology. The truth is, Witches keep the Satanic lifeblood flowing and that, keeps Satanism alive. As I have said before in earlier blog posts, most Satanists consider themselves “witches” and practitioners of magic first; then labeled “Satanists“. Even “A Satanic Coven of Witches” sounds better than “A Satanic Coven of Satanists“; am I right?”

7. Satanic Sole Practitioners (November)

“In my opinion, there are far more Satanists that practice their craft alone. They neither need nor want an affiliation with other Satanists; socially or otherwise, and I applaud them. As I have explained in the past, Satanism is something different to each individual. Even if a person is affiliated with a Satanic coven, he / she usually performs a few special workings solo; I do this also. There are times when I simply want solitude to communicate with Satan or others. I love my coven members but in some settings, I prefer to be alone……..which does not mean lonely.”

Recommended Videos of 2013

8. Are You Happy? (May)

“I ask the same question each year and while some people have entered the new world and found happiness, others have not. This year can change your life, break the chains of depression, despair and hopelessness.”

9. How to Improve Your Satanic Magic Rituals (April)

“Following these simple steps will help you achieve new heights in your Satanic Rituals, spells, hexes, etc.”

10. Satanism and Responsibility (April)

“Satanism means freedom however, the new Satanist must exercise self-control or the result will be self-destruction. We examine a few points to avoid this pitfall and succeed within the first five years of joining a Satanic Coven.”

Satanism,  in 2014

I am looking forward to 2014 with great anticipation. I know Satan will continue to strengthen Magnum Opus and promote truth for those Seekers. I will be there along the Left Hand Path to aid, encourage and counsel those who are sincerely dedicated to their personal journey.

nude satanic woman on altar

You can help further Satanism

Readers always ask me how to experience change and make their desires come true; the answer is very simple. Satan wants firm commitment from His followers and that leads to knowledge, changed circumstances and fulfilled desires. You can help further Satanism in the virtual world. If you like the information on my written, audio or video blogs, take a moment to share it with your network; making the message available to others searching for truth. Through your actions, Satan will recognize and reward something as simple as reblogging my blog posts,retweeting information, sharing (Like, Comment, Tag, etc.) on Facebook timelines or amention on other social media websites.

Until next time, Satanic Blessings!!!

Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht

De Minimis Demurrer

Savage Mercy

Magnum Opus will meet tomorrow night for our ‘much needed’ Destruction Ritual. This powerful ritual is perhaps my favorite of all rituals since it consistently delivers satisfaction and fulfillment. It provides great satanic pleasure (at least to me) to release stored anger and regain magical equilibrium while “fist fvcking” those who intentional created the hostility. The pendulum of the universe regains a metronome – like cadence; retribution is delivered and normality returns. While I have seen the after – effects of these successful rituals over the years, I have not looked into the eyes of an enemy at the precise moment he / she realizes recompense is imminent. I can only imagine……… Satan cums calling

Execration Anathema

Odin gave his eye for wisdom, hung himself as a sacrifice from a tree for wisdom, and slept with a giantess to drink mead made from Kvasir’s blood for wisdom.

Knowledge for nothing? If that is the sincere desire of the Reader, you will be sorely disappointed in your Satanic journey. Stop reading this and buy a lottery ticket…….you will have a better chance of getting “something for nothing”. So many people are under the impression that someone owes them something for ………doing nothing. Investment of time, energy, diligent study, practice and the prerequisite of ‘silence’ are somehow beneath these individuals. For that reason, they will never achieve their desires because they are going to wait for someone else to deliver their desires to them on a silver platter. Keep waiting………..while those with determination and tenacity achieve and master.

There are many subtle nuances when it comes to magic and ritual. Those small (yet necessary) techniques are mastered through constant practice, study and meditation. If you have no idea what I am talking about, that should be an indication of your progression. A quick self-evaluation will certainly help the Seeker to develop and improve his / her magical skill set.

Goose mit Knoodle

There is always something more to learn, discover and master. If you approach your progression from a sincere standpoint, you will make great strides and reap the benefits from your investment. If you choose to wait on someone to “spoon feed” you the information, you will not only waste time but you may be fed a line of fecal material in the process. Investment = Return

Dedicated to Josef Stimpfle……….



Satanic Holiday – Walpurgisnacht

“Religion has convinced people there’s an invisible man … living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But he loves you…………..and he needs money.” George Carlin

Catharsis of Religion, Flesh and Blood

I love to talk to people; not just socialize but really communicate. I have always been a student of psychology and human nature, which makes the everyday world around us a virtual “laboratory” stocked with unsuspecting guinea pigs. It is amazing how badly people need human contact, validation and acceptance from complete strangers. This enables them to feel a sense of self-worth and provides (occasionally) instant gratification that our society has come to expect. Those who are talented enough (or have the stomach to endure) to listen to such pointless – points of view can rise through the ranks of society by simply making people feel important and intelligent; even if those people are idiots. The facade of most religions is based upon that simple premise.Easter Crucifix

Every week, I answer countless emails and messages sent through various channels. The senders are often looking for an answer to their particular situation and seeking advice for their next “strategic moves”…………from “My girlfriend is cheating on me but I can’t leave her” to “I want to become a Satanist, sell my soul and win the lottery” (not necessarily in that order) :). There are also the serious questions concerning Magic, Satanism, Satan and other Occult subjects.  I consistently receive good questions on my Satanic Forum and Chatroom.

Can someone help me with some satanic stuff?

From those creating disinformation to those truly seeking knowledge, the internet is the “bull$hit” superhighway. There are those asking questions without knowing what they are asking or what they would do with the answer, like this misguided soul. Then, you have the Authoritarian who answers questions without knowing anything about Satanists. Let’s not forget the xtian opinion, which is used to scare the $hit out of anyone they can. You also have these “knuckleheads” thrown in for good measure.

Easter and the Xtian Lie

Ok, so according to xtians, Easter is all about the Nazarene and his “run-in with the law“; ending with him beaten and hanging on a tree. Then, we have a giant bunny that lays eggs and the Nazarene comes back from the dead (this stuff is like a Charles Manson screenplay). There is a “Good Friday” and I guess a “Not-so-good Sunday”, Lent and Fasting. I don’t know when the xtians Fast but if you get between them and the Sunday buffet at Ryan’s Steakhouse, you will look like you went a round or two with the Cat o’ nine tails.

Meanwhile, Back In Reality

If you have not figured it out by now, I enjoy using irony, humor, contrasting points of view and very little ascetics in my blog posts. The above items are just random thoughts I wanted to throw out there and never found a place they “fit”. I would like to pay tribute to those brave souls who allow us to fulfill our wishes by supplying the intimacy, carnal knowledge, copulation, capitulation, odium and blood worthy of our King. They usually go unnoticed however, without their dedication, the coven will be unable to reach the heightened state of awareness nor take advantage of the synchronized climax. For this reason, they deserve our recognition, respect and remembrance.

I Wipe My Ass On Your holy book Of LiesWith the upcoming Satanic holiday, Walpurgisnacht, our coven begins preparation customarily the first week of April; around the Easter weekend each year. As with any ritual, preparation is vitally important. I have, and will continue, to stress this point time and again. One thing I have noticed from growing older, the “measure twice, cut once” theory is really good advice to follow. Young followers who join one of our groups must learn this very quickly and while the females usually do well with this tidbit of knowledge, the young males of the coven may take a little while (and gentle coaxing) to understand and apply this practice.

For example, a ‘gentlemen’ of our four groups often finds it difficult to set a pace, mentally and physically, during rituals. Some have needs for more guidance than others in this area and our members of the coven are always willing to provide a gentle ‘nudge’ when someone does not respect our protocols. Just as all males begin learning the knowledge of the fairer sex, their drive toward the objective is often very difficult to meter; resulting in embarrassing scenarios such as premature ejaculation. Whether fumbling in the backseat of the Chevy or participating in a Satanic Sex Ritual, the effects can be the same. For the young warrior and his throbbing knob, learning how to deal with this undesirable occurrence in a respected manner results in his reassurance, self-confidence and ultimately, a very happy sex partner. I believe control and the calculated delivery of ‘sexual joy’ is greatly appreciated by women of all ages.

I guess while serving as Satanic Magus, I also assume a Father by Proxy position as well. A young man may be too embarrassed to speak about some subjects with his mother or father however, in the coven, nothing is taboo. It is for this reason a certain honestly soon develops with new Initiates. With young men and women, lies are often used because he / she is simply uncomfortable speaking about certain things with parents. In a xtian home, it is even more difficult (almost impossible) to explain thoughts or ask questions because the result is awkward; it brings shame and punitive connotations which are degrading and uncomfortable for the young person. Imagine the prospect of a young man wanting the answer to the following question: “Is it abnormal to masturbate five times a day?” Depending on the “family norms”, this question could result in a tongue-lashing or a severe beating.

“Hey Mom and Dad; YOUR kids are not entering Satanism for theological answers!!!!!”

“Just because you “knocked up” your high school sweetheart does not mean you are qualified to be a parent!!!” George Carlin

Adolescents find answers to their questions any where they can. I am more than happy to explain the world in which we live to those eager to learn. Prohibition measures have never worked and never will; whether alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gun control or young adults asking valid questions. Religion has caused fake morals to separate parents and children and at a high cost. Just like the failure of prohibition, people do not cease to seek the prohibited. Just because a law has been passed does not mean the urge or longing goes away……in fact, prohibiting something is the best way to ensure increased demand and carnal knowledge is no different. Since prostitution is illegal, has the government succeeded in putting working women and their ‘less than savory’ pimps out of business? I believe Germany has a pretty good position on the issue…….and it works. It is not a system without problems however, it is certainly better than the ‘crack whore’ epidemic in America.

All You Need Is Love

More than anything, adolescents are seeking acceptance and yes, L-O-V-E. That is the truth. Parents are usually the cause of the family fracture and from that situation, many adolescents become “awards of the street” and their innocence is forever lost. The problem with questions……….there are often unpleasant answers. This principle is learned the hard way and at a high price.Candy for the Runaway

Humans are pack animals and social creatures. That trait is built into our genetic code and evolution has had very little effect in omitting this attribute through the evolutionary process. Perhaps in another thousand years (and with the advancements in computer technology) the human race may not need contact. As long as social media websites continue to be wildly popular, I seriously doubt evolution will succeed in removing the primal need for acceptance, love and interaction with others. Only time will tell.

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

PS – Happy Easter to my xtian readers……….lurking in the shadows. I made you a card!!!

Easter Card

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Product Name : The Satanic Bible
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Three Week Satanic Study with Aleister Nacht – Rituals and Spells

My Return To Blogging, Deep Cognitive Penetration and Guided Study

After taking a short break from blogging and social media, I have decided to return to a tumultuous and riotous world, delivering my opinions to those desperate for entertainment or to fill the gaping hole in their soul. Either way, I am back and I feel great!!! I needed a break from the daily madness and also time to read and digest Silentium In Persona Diaboli, which I received while in Germany last December. It is a great book and I will share information about the book in future blog posts.Satanism

I have also revamped / updated my websites while adding some reference material that will grow over time. It is important for Satanists to have a place where they can study, read, socialize and interact with other Satanists and myself also. My network of websites will provide that necessity and will grow in the future.

I also have plans for a personal virtual three (3) week guided study with you using the Book of Satanic Magic as the reference book. This guided study will be conducted on Friday nights in my Satanic Forum and Chatroom. Don’t wait; join the Forum today to ensure you have access to the chatroom. You will also need a copy of the Book of Satanic Magic (hardcopy or digital), as we will reference Part II – Rituals and Spells during the classes. I will set up the times for everyone to meet online, ask questions and interact with other Satanists. This will be a great opportunity for all of us!!

“Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs – Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep!” ― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

Welcome to McSatan, May I Take Your Order?

“I have as much authority as the Pope, I just don’t have as many people who believe it.” George Carlin

Here is a question for you: Why are you reading my blog? Are you searching for something… answer or a secret? Did you stumble across this link on Google or some other search engine? Were you wanting to see a Satanic vagina, Cunnilingus acts, read some “intelligent Satanic stuff”, etc? Everyone has a different reason however, the correspondence I receive weekly indicates there is another possible reason which is fairly simple. Some people live vicariously through my written words……….

Satanists are in every walk of life, social status, occupation and other demographic and class. In order to blend into society, Satanists often refrain from expressing certain unsavory opinions which may be much too radical for mainstream culture. Just because it is socially unacceptable to air one’s intimate views does not mean those thoughts cease to exist. It means there are more suitable forums for expressing those personal sentiments. Picking the appropriate convocation is not only necessary, it is smart! Have you ever listened to some numskull ramble from subject to subject with no point, while alienating himself / herself by crossing an imaginary line; wandering into the abhorrent, distasteful, obnoxious or offensive realm? Remembering the audience in attendance, the accepted “norms” of that audience and where the line of “acceptable/not acceptable” is drawn is very valuable for anyone expressing personal thoughts / beliefs. As the idiom goes “You can’t un-ring a bell”…… can never erase your misspoken blunder from people’s minds.

What Makes You An Expert?

There is a contrast between “opinionated” and “antisocial“; surprisingly, it can be very subtle. My case in point, the office worker who turns a coffee-break chat into a “xtian crusade“; complete with bastardized scripture quotation, verbalized trepidation, fear-inducing consternation and horror / terror tactics (the lake of fire!!). While briefly mentioning a religious affiliation may be a non-event, going overboard as described, is not only unacceptable and unprofessional in the workplace, it is also offensive to those who may not share the same theological beliefs. By doing so, the office worker has created an invisible division in the workplace by being allowed to act in this manner. crucifix in vaginaThe same could be said of the man who offers a complement to a female co-worker in the form of “That dress is beautiful and it makes your breasts look much bigger.” I am however, very, very much an advocate for freedom of speech and voicing opinions in the proper forum and in the correct way.

Our society often goes overboard with the use of credentials, titles and references. These attributes are important if you are seeking a physician however, you do not need any of these endorsements to voice an opinion. Anyone can voice a great idea (or not-so-great as well) or opinion and as long as it is done according to the accepted norms, “go for it”. This seems to be one of my appeals, the fact that I share my opinion while providing justifications and evidence to support my position. Thank you Readers!!!

Stay tuned for more information.

Until then,

Aleister Nacht

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An Obscure Footnote in the Pages of History

The Detour – Descent Into Madness

I wrote the first blog post on this site (Satanism and How to Summon Demons) on October 1, 2011. I wrote other posts in mid 2011 but after reading them with ‘fresh eyes’, I utilized something many authors grow to “love and hate”; the DELETE key. My reason for writing a blog was quite simple………

“It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding.”vagina

Love Letters Without Love

In my opinion, I am an ‘Idealist Realist‘. I recognize certain ideals, positivity and creative forces in our physical spacial realm. I also openly admit some people are totally lost, represent zero (0) hope to the human race and lack any soft skills required for endeavors other than a faux pas, inauspicious unfulfilled promises or words and actions of mindless, pointless hate.

In the past, I have received email correspondence from individuals that fit squarely into this demographic. These exchanges are usually disguised as “Can you answer my question(s) on Satanism” however, some are similar to a “Bouncing Betty”; planted strategically on the path to enlightenment to “fuck someone up”. I answer their question, they respond immediately with a follow-up question and I answer it as well. This is usually the point when a “theological debate” or “religious argument” is attempted by the person. This maneuver lands their email (and their email address) in the trash however, I have wasted time on someone not worthy of my time.

I have also encountered the person who “desperately needs my advice” to undo what they have done or vice versa. I have been a real “sucker” for these. I need advice from time to time and reach out to objective and knowledgeable individuals for guidance. I, in turn, have chosen to give back by helping others. This usually ends up as a life-draining attempt for them to “change my mind” and suggest whatever he / she thinks the solution should be. This is a segue to either 1) ask for me to perform some ritual that produces what they desire (i.e. gimme what I want) or 2) ask me to “spoon feed” Satanic Magic to them so they can get learn everything about magic in 20 minutes (i.e. gimme what I want).

bath tubWhile I do appreciate them thinking of me as a fucking doormat, I always attempt to explain the “work = results” theory during more foolish questions, theatrical coercion, a nude photo (or two) and when reality sets in that they will not get what they want, the inevitable attack of my Satanic capabilities (last step).

Note: I would prefer to place the last step ‘first’ so they would not contact me at all. “If I do not possess magical abilities, why the fuck did you contact me seeking a magical solution to YOUR PROBLEM?”

“Mr. Nacht, Your Coven, Holding on Line One”

I love and appreciate my coven members; they are my family. I can (and often do) discuss very personal matters with them because I know they reciprocate my feelings. Respect is a crucial requirement of Satanism and without respect, the coven will soon become a bastardized “cult” entity lead by a person who will ultimately destroy any resemblance of true Satanism. Those who remain in the group will more than likely be the next Tex Watson,  Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel or Susan Atkins.Nothing Compares To You

Members of my coven persuaded and encouraged me to begin writing books. The idea was simple; “Share what has worked with the world”. So, the first book Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum (released in October 2011) was about our coven. I feel that from that day forward, I have put my work, blogs and social media first and my beloved coven second. 

Does This Story Have A Point?

Yes. I am glad you asked. I intend to rectify this situation going forward and thus the “point” of this blog post.

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and social media. This week represented the “straw that broke the horse’s back” and it marks a watershed moment of clarity in a never-ending nightmare to make deadlines, return correspondence, weed out / answer sincere questions, attend speaking engagements – all while leading our coven. I am so busy telling people how great Satanism is, that I miss out on the rewards that I cherish and hold very dear.

My first obligation is to Satan, my second obligation is to our Coven and everything else falls in line after these two. In my hast to do more as an ambassador of Satanism, I have neglected the first two priorities while wasting time engaged with those lacking the capacity to grasp Magic, Satan or Demonic beings. These lazy, over-confident posers want a free ride and money. she is beautifulThey truly believe Satan will give it to they simply because they “decided to sell their worthless souls”!

From time to time, I have seen people drop out of the public / social Friends always know how to contact me and that remains unchanged. I dream of virtual satanic rituals and plan to pursue in the future.

For the egomaniacs, trolls, apathetic, indolent, arrogant, impertinent,…………….I will stop there and waste neither time, word nor thought ever again.

Until next time…………or maybe not,beautiful woman

Satanic Blessings and Good Luck…….

Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to Noraa

Successful Satanic Rituals and Interviews in Germany

Aleister Nacht – Satanic Rituals in Germany

Virtual Satanic Coven

I love experiencing new things and although I have traveled (and even lived) in Germany in the past, ever trip is a different experience. I am now back in Tampa (home sweet home) and had a good night sleep. Now, I can reflect upon the trip and what will be a very fond memory for me in the future. Part of the reason I enjoyed this trip so much this time is because so many of you came along (in the virtual world) to share the experience. Your emails, comments, texts and notes were very much appreciated and encouraging when the trip was becoming arduous and the demands of being a very public – “Private Person” were wearing me down.

I have had a desire for some time to form a virtual satanic coven. This trip was a good experiment in the logistics and limitations of technical tools available for such an endeavor. It was also a way to “weed out” the trolls and trojans wanting something free or causing chaos wherever they go. I was able to quickly identify them and will deal with them in the days to come. As for those who participated and were engaged for the right reasons, you will certainly be a part of my virtual coven.

Special Thanks

I would now like to thank the following people who made this trip and the rituals a great success:

First, thank you to Adam, my manager; “Your guidance, direction, advice, planning and attention to detail made this a great trip with no “surprises”. Now, you and Darin will certainly earn your pay at the table next week!!”

Thank you to Darin / Steven, my attorneys and legal team; “Your advice and guidance is invaluable as always. I sleep better knowing you are a phone call away and your team has my back!”

Thank you to our gracious Hosts in Germany; “You made the arduous trip a pleasure and your humor made it very enjoyable”

Thank you to the team at Loki/Speckbohne Media; “Your hard work and dedication are an inspiration to me!”

A Special Thank You to my Readers; “To those who followed my trip and sent words of encouragement, THANK YOU!!”


Aleister Nacht

The Ritual of the Black Flame and Beyond – A Powerful Night of Satanic Ritual

Awesome; Satan Is Awesome!!

When I awoke late this afternoon, my head was pounding!! I always over-do it after special ritual work……and last night was very, very special. I was purposely cautious and redacted my previous blog posts so I would not reveal anything to jeopardize the ritual.

Read more here.…


Satanic Ritual in Germany Tonight

The Blessings of Satan In His House Tonight

We are making final preparations for our satanic ritual tonight. The energy is strong, the magic is intoxicating, our coven is READY! Tonight we re-dedicate ourselves to the almighty King of the World; Satan!!

I sincerely wish everyone Satanic Blessings and I hope everyone can harvest the fruits of our combined “magical labors”. We are without name, without face, without form in a sea of vividness however, everyone in the world knows of our Master, mission and power. They tremble at the very mention of our association; for good reason!

We remember those who have passed before us and those who will come. We cast the spells, we invoke darkness and we unlock the sacred and ancient door to the dimension just beyond. For our day has come and our power shall increase as those hypocritical fools attempt to negotiate their slavery!

This night we will use a building dedicated to a myth, sanctified by senile old men in Rome and filled with dogma and death; we will make the bowels of the Basilican Xtian Ossuarium come alive!! Upon the bones of those buried beneath, we shall trample upon the sepulcher where the flesh-peddling whoremonger has been laid for the halfwits to adore while fidgeting with their rosaries.

Brother and Sister, enter the sanctum tonight with head held high and know we stand TOGETHER before His Altar. Partake of the sweet elixir and the softness of the Altar and focus your mind on attaining magical heights of ecstasy and Shout with Satan.

Call the Demons to assist in fulfilling you desires of flesh and spirit. Tonight we indulge in any wish for we are Gods; much more worthy of worship than the xtian myth and lie. As the bell sounds of 9, I will intercede for those who believe and have witnessed great satanical magical.

He shall reveal His power, desires and words to us; the true of the numbers. We take our rightful place at His left hand. Tears of joy and howls of delight!

Satanic Blessings!!

Magus Aleister Nacht

Satanic Rituals, Sex Magic and Evil Debauchery in Germany with Aleister Nacht!!!!!


“Satanic Rituals, Sex Magic and Evil Debauchery!” Hello Bavaria.

Two days until I travel to Germany for Satanic Rituals, Debauchery and plenty Sex Magic. Bavaria will never be the same!!

I will be posting some video, pictures, chat and some “evil inspired” pontificating on my Satanic Magic Forum.

If you have not joined, do so now and don’t miss a thing……..

Bavaria with Aleister Nacht


Click Here to join. See you there!!!!


P.S. I want to say “Hola, ¿Que más?, Buenas noches, Cómo está la vaina” to a special lady in Maracaibo, Venezuela. ;)



Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

Q&A with Aleister Nacht – November 25th, 2012

Aleister Nacht's Satanic Coven - Magnum OpusSatanic Sunday

To everyone who attended the Q&A session tonight, a very heartfelt “Thank You”. It was a great experience and I enjoyed sharing as well as hearing your thoughts on the topics. Let’s do it again!!! If you missed this event, perhaps you can attend one in the future.

Questions and Answers

I have provided a list of the topics below so others will benefit. Enjoy!!


1. Do I have to sell my soul to Satan?

Answer: No, the idea of selling your soul is purely folklore. I suggest reading my blog post on that one.

2. Do you think it is a good idea to be “out” as a Satanist?

Answer: I believe you must be honest with yourself but also smart about it. It would not benefit you to shout it from the rooftop and maybe lose your job or make enemies because of it. That is the very reason most Satanists are very reserved about their beliefs. Satanists represent all walks of professional life however, a “Devil worshipping Surgeon” may unnerve many people.

3. Do you like being a Satanist?

Answer:  I enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of satisfaction by helping others discover a world where neither guilt nor hypocrisy are used as tools to sell lies the others. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation. For me, being a Satanist makes sense to me and I could never go back.


4.  Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books.


5. My 11-year-old daughter is a Satanist without my help in any way, do you think it would be best to teach her Satanism at home? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You will be doing her a favor by supporting her and teaching the right way instead of the lies or misconceptions of others.

6. Ever tried Necronomicon rituals?

Answer: Yes and they are very, very powerful. Preparation is most important because when the ritual begins, it is “Game On”!!


7. The Satanic Mass by Anton LaVey is awesome! Would you ever record your own Mass, something as powerful & compelling? 

Answer: I would love to record a ritual and have tried however, it looses something when recorded. I’ll leave An ton’s version for the generations to come. I would like to hold a virtual ritual and even took a poll to see if there was an interest.

"The Satanic Mass" by Anton LaVey

8. Do I have to join a coven to be a Satanist?

Answer: No, you are not required to join any association unless you feel compelled to do so.

9. I am afraid to talk to my husband about Satanism. If you were in my situation, what would you do?

Answer: You must be honest with yourself. Living life in fear of what someone thinks about your most precious beliefs is HELL. Open a dialogue with him and if he loves you, he will listen.

10. I had sex with a Demon and it made me really tired the next day, why did that happen and how can I prevent the tiredness in the future?

Answer: Sexual encounters with a succubus or incubus is very demanding. Some people laugh at these words however, they are real and using energy in that realm is very tiring indeed. Meditation before the event will help build stamina over time.

11. I have heard some ( a few ) Satanists say that using magick is not important in Satanism. I digress… I personally think it is a vital part to this path as a Theistic/traditional Satanist. What are your thoughts, Aleister Nacht?

Answer: I believe magick is one of the most important things to Satanists. It is what bonds the person with Satan and the energy that is important for all of us. Yes, I agree with you.

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan

12. How long have you been a Satanist?

Answer: Over 25 years.

13. Do you sacrifice animals?

Answer: No, I do not torture, kill or drink the blood of any animals.

14. What kind of Satanism do you practice?

Answer: I must say I am closest to Theistic Satanism than any other form however, I do not claim to be a Theistic Satanist. I acknowledge Satan and Demons are real and our lives as followers are measured according to the service we provide to the Master of the World. Every follower has to decide what is right for them.


15. What do you think of the AL JILWAH?

Answer: I find it to be a very good literary work however, I question the authenticity and motivation behind it. I read many different books on a stratus of topics. I have a top 5 for anyone interested.


16. What are your favorite grimoires?

Answer: I do not have a favorite.

17. Do you know any coven in the NYC area?

Answer: No however, there are a few listed on Meet Up website which is a good way to explore. Always meet in a public place!!

18. Would you ever perform sorcery for clients?

Answer: It depends upon who and what the objective was. I would consider it.

19. Have just been reading your book Book of Satanic Ritual. You mentioned you can use either silver or gold candlestick on your altar. As far as I have read, seen etc it seems that only silver should be used and never gold as gold is associated with xtian/Christian beliefs.

Answer: The idea that gold is of xtian association is a very common misnomer. I recommend you use whatever you desire. Satanism does not require dogma nor does it dictate compliance to anyone’s ideology except that of our Master Satan.

Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

20. Can one be a theistic Satanist and an atheist at the same time without contradiction?

Answer: Well, I have written several blog posts on this subject. I believe in Satan and Demons therefore, I am not an atheist. There are atheists who call themselves Satanists however, I do not get the connection. Try this:


21. What happened with Facebook? Do they object to the content of our discussion?

Answer: No, I sent out notices about tonight’s Q&A and someone reported me as a “Spammer”. I cannot comment or like any posts. Some of the other “Satanists Groups” like to use antics like that to take a shot at someone………

22. Which is the most powerful ritual satanic or magic spell for bringing back a lost love, for example?

Answer: I have two that I wrote some years ago that have served me well. The best are the ones written by the magician because they possess the passion, energy, emotion and personal connection to the receiver.

23. In rituals what are good things to offer to Satan and Demons?

Answer: Sincerity is the most important. You must make sure everyone in the group has their focus and is not playing around. If someone is in it for a game, they need to be promptly ejected from the coven until they “get it together”.

24. How developed is your third eye?

Answer: Mine is not as tuned as other people I know. Each person has a gift and for some, it is the Third Eye.

25. Are you working on another book?

Answer: Yes I am. It will be released early next year. It will be interactive, created for the iPad and Mini, and sold exclusively through iTunes.



Reproduced from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Sunday, November 25th, 2012, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.


Satanic Pentagram - A five-pointed star that is formed by drawing a continuous line in five straight segments, often used as a mystic and magical symbol.

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Top 5 Fatal Satanic Mistakes

Hail Satan and Satanic Blessings to All!!

I hope everyone had a great Fall Equinox ritual. Our coven looks forward to the upcoming All Hallows Eve and Halloween rituals. These are very sacred holidays for Satanists and Satanic power stronger and more potent during holiday ritual workings. While harnessing that magical energy and directing it to achieve the desires of the coven is the main objective, it does require time, diligence, patience and tenacity.

This week I received an interesting email question: “What is the worst mistake a Satanist can make and how does a Satanist avoid the mistake?” After some thought, it seemed like a good blog post ‘in the making’ so I made a few notes. I concocted 12 fatal mistakes however, due to the possibility that YOU (“Reader”) would grow bored after a few minutes and possibly surf away, I decided to trim the subject matter down to five (5). I felt this would give SOME OF YOU (“Prowlers”) quick, simple yet useful information. If this is helpful information, come out of the shadows and say so.Demons

As always, you may disagree with my ideas which is perfectly Ok.

Fatal Mistake #5 – “Changing the Entire World”

When first exposed to genuine Satanic Ritual and Demonic Evocation, searchers will usually do one of two things; 1) Run like Hell or 2) Feel reborn and alive, perhaps for the first time in their entire life. The “dabblers” may not have imagined the indubitable world of Satanism and thus, may experience sensory overload or shock until the Fight or Flight response takes over with little or no input from the logic / rational part of their mind. For some who believe Satanism is dressing up like the Devil and performing lifeless, empty, dogma-riddled theatrical plays, reality can be too much to “wrap their mind around”. This usually results in “Running like Hell”.

The other side of the situation may be just as difficult to “normalize”………….a “Satan Freak”.

This person is so excited and ebullient, he / she changes everything about themselves, often undergoing a complete metamorphosis until they perceive repletion / satiety in their new Satanic utopia. They may adopt a new look (often gothic style) and may mutate to become that which ‘mainstream’ perceives as Satanic or even maniacal. Belligerent, antagonistic, rude and combative behavior is not necessarily attributes of a Satanist; an asshole perhaps, but assholes are not exclusive to Satanism.

This inordinate nadir usually leads to alienation because no one can endure contact with the person for more than a minute. These individuals are “antichrists without a cause” and they succeed in driving everyone crazy.

Fatal Mistake #4 - “Stupidity”
Turkey Blow Job

Not only is stupidity one of Anton LaVey’s Nine Satanic Sins, but stupidity can extirpate a Satanic coven.

Illustration: Think about how the world viewed the United States while “Bush Jr.” was President. While he was “groping” German Chancellor Angela Merkel, do you suppose the populace (apart from America) was thinking “This man is a genius. What intelligence and charisma ….. He must truly make Americans proud”?

Stupidity, even by association, can be detrimental to Satanists and a Satanic coven.

Fatal Mistake #3 - “Overinflated Ego”

While self-confidence is wonderful, the egomaniac is dancing on glass and that glass WILL, sooner or later, break. Very few things will grate upon people’s nerves as the “full of themselves” person. The time usually comes when a few Satanists with baseball bats invite the braggadocio to inexorable batting subjugation (figuratively speaking; of course).

Große Seelen dulden still”

baseball bats

Fatal Mistake #2 - “Exceeding Limitations”

As with any new endeavor, a person will become increasingly comfortable with the events over time. Just as learning to ride a motorcycle at 95 mph on a gravel road may end badly, learning and becoming proficient with Magic is challenging. While many books explain how to conjure a being, most do not tell you what to do (or undo) in order to terminate a visit “gone wrong”. Similar to a dog chasing a car, what will you do when an acrimonious demon appears? This can be very dangerous.

Fatal Mistake #1 - “Omitting Satan from Satanism”

Yes, I know there are those who call themselves “Satanists” who do not believe in Satan. That is precisely why their rituals and ceremonies are nothing more than meaningless buffoonery performed by dilettantes. The choice to believe in Satan is the individual’s; that belief is a very personal matter. I respect their choice however, Satanism without Satan is ludicrous……… my opinion.

“Questioning everything is the essence of Satanism and it is this self-preserving reflex that protects the Satanist from becoming a victim. The rationality of “belief without substance”becomes absurd and unbelievable.” Aleister Nacht: “Vengeance Is Always Mine”

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

Book of Satanic Magic - Aleister Nacht