Satanic Holiday – Walpurgisnacht
Easter Crucifix

“Religion has convinced people there’s an invisible man … living in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer, and suffer, and burn, and scream, until the end of time. But he loves you…………..and he needs money.” George Carlin

Catharsis of Religion, Flesh and Blood

I love to talk to people; not just socialize but really communicate. I have always been a student of psychology and human nature, which makes the everyday world around us a virtual “laboratory” stocked with unsuspecting guinea pigs. It is amazing how badly people need human contact, validation and acceptance from complete strangers. This enables them to feel a sense of self-worth and provides (occasionally) instant gratification that our society has come to expect. Those who are talented enough (or have the stomach to endure) to listen to such pointless – points of view can rise through the ranks of society by simply making people feel important and intelligent; even if those people are idiots. The facade of most religions is based upon that simple premise.Easter Crucifix

Every week, I answer countless emails and messages sent through various channels. The senders are often looking for an answer to their particular situation and seeking advice for their next “strategic moves”…………from “My girlfriend is cheating on me but I can’t leave her” to “I want to become a Satanist, sell my soul and win the lottery” (not necessarily in that order) :). There are also the serious questions concerning Magic, Satanism, Satan and other Occult subjects.  I consistently receive good questions on my Satanic Forum and Chatroom.

Can someone help me with some satanic stuff?

From those creating disinformation to those truly seeking knowledge, the internet is the “bull$hit” superhighway. There are those asking questions without knowing what they are asking or what they would do with the answer, like this misguided soul. Then, you have the Authoritarian who answers questions without knowing anything about Satanists. Let’s not forget the xtian opinion, which is used to scare the $hit out of anyone they can. You also have these “knuckleheads” thrown in for good measure.

Easter and the Xtian Lie

Ok, so according to xtians, Easter is all about the Nazarene and his “run-in with the law“; ending with him beaten and hanging on a tree. Then, we have a giant bunny that lays eggs and the Nazarene comes back from the dead (this stuff is like a Charles Manson screenplay). There is a “Good Friday” and I guess a “Not-so-good Sunday”, Lent and Fasting. I don’t know when the xtians Fast but if you get between them and the Sunday buffet at Ryan’s Steakhouse, you will look like you went a round or two with the Cat o’ nine tails.

Meanwhile, Back In Reality

If you have not figured it out by now, I enjoy using irony, humor, contrasting points of view and very little ascetics in my blog posts. The above items are just random thoughts I wanted to throw out there and never found a place they “fit”. I would like to pay tribute to those brave souls who allow us to fulfill our wishes by supplying the intimacy, carnal knowledge, copulation, capitulation, odium and blood worthy of our King. They usually go unnoticed however, without their dedication, the coven will be unable to reach the heightened state of awareness nor take advantage of the synchronized climax. For this reason, they deserve our recognition, respect and remembrance.

I Wipe My Ass On Your holy book Of LiesWith the upcoming Satanic holiday, Walpurgisnacht, our coven begins preparation customarily the first week of April; around the Easter weekend each year. As with any ritual, preparation is vitally important. I have, and will continue, to stress this point time and again. One thing I have noticed from growing older, the “measure twice, cut once” theory is really good advice to follow. Young followers who join one of our groups must learn this very quickly and while the females usually do well with this tidbit of knowledge, the young males of the coven may take a little while (and gentle coaxing) to understand and apply this practice.

For example, a ‘gentlemen’ of our four groups often finds it difficult to set a pace, mentally and physically, during rituals. Some have needs for more guidance than others in this area and our members of the coven are always willing to provide a gentle ‘nudge’ when someone does not respect our protocols. Just as all males begin learning the knowledge of the fairer sex, their drive toward the objective is often very difficult to meter; resulting in embarrassing scenarios such as premature ejaculation. Whether fumbling in the backseat of the Chevy or participating in a Satanic Sex Ritual, the effects can be the same. For the young warrior and his throbbing knob, learning how to deal with this undesirable occurrence in a respected manner results in his reassurance, self-confidence and ultimately, a very happy sex partner. I believe control and the calculated delivery of ‘sexual joy’ is greatly appreciated by women of all ages.

I guess while serving as Satanic Magus, I also assume a Father by Proxy position as well. A young man may be too embarrassed to speak about some subjects with his mother or father however, in the coven, nothing is taboo. It is for this reason a certain honestly soon develops with new Initiates. With young men and women, lies are often used because he / she is simply uncomfortable speaking about certain things with parents. In a xtian home, it is even more difficult (almost impossible) to explain thoughts or ask questions because the result is awkward; it brings shame and punitive connotations which are degrading and uncomfortable for the young person. Imagine the prospect of a young man wanting the answer to the following question: “Is it abnormal to masturbate five times a day?” Depending on the “family norms”, this question could result in a tongue-lashing or a severe beating.

“Hey Mom and Dad; YOUR kids are not entering Satanism for theological answers!!!!!”

“Just because you “knocked up” your high school sweetheart does not mean you are qualified to be a parent!!!” George Carlin

Adolescents find answers to their questions any where they can. I am more than happy to explain the world in which we live to those eager to learn. Prohibition measures have never worked and never will; whether alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gun control or young adults asking valid questions. Religion has caused fake morals to separate parents and children and at a high cost. Just like the failure of prohibition, people do not cease to seek the prohibited. Just because a law has been passed does not mean the urge or longing goes away……in fact, prohibiting something is the best way to ensure increased demand and carnal knowledge is no different. Since prostitution is illegal, has the government succeeded in putting working women and their ‘less than savory’ pimps out of business? I believe Germany has a pretty good position on the issue…….and it works. It is not a system without problems however, it is certainly better than the ‘crack whore’ epidemic in America.

All You Need Is Love

More than anything, adolescents are seeking acceptance and yes, L-O-V-E. That is the truth. Parents are usually the cause of the family fracture and from that situation, many adolescents become “awards of the street” and their innocence is forever lost. The problem with questions……….there are often unpleasant answers. This principle is learned the hard way and at a high price.Candy for the Runaway

Humans are pack animals and social creatures. That trait is built into our genetic code and evolution has had very little effect in omitting this attribute through the evolutionary process. Perhaps in another thousand years (and with the advancements in computer technology) the human race may not need contact. As long as social media websites continue to be wildly popular, I seriously doubt evolution will succeed in removing the primal need for acceptance, love and interaction with others. Only time will tell.

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

PS – Happy Easter to my xtian readers……….lurking in the shadows. I made you a card!!!

Easter Card

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Magus Aleister Nacht is an author, Satanic Magus and leader of a regional coven comprising of numerous groups located in Florida. With a modern view of Satanism, he brings the darkness to life in a very tangible manner. His books have found favor with a multitude of searchers crossing all demographic and geographic boundaries. Nacht’s audio recordings (Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Audio Blog) are available for free download on iTunes. His books on Satanism have connected with the emerging multitude that refuses believe the lies of the religious establishment.

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