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A New Satanic Era?

A wonderful post by Cassie………

An Obscure Footnote in the Pages of History

The Detour – Descent Into Madness

I wrote the first blog post on this site (Satanism and How to Summon Demons) on October 1, 2011. I wrote other posts in mid 2011 but after reading them with ‘fresh eyes’, I utilized something many authors grow to “love and hate”; the DELETE key. My reason for writing a blog was quite simple………

“It has been my desire in this blog about Satanism to transmit knowledge that will afford followers of the LHP the opportunity to deepen their magical skills and understanding.”vagina

Love Letters Without Love

In my opinion, I am an ‘Idealist Realist‘. I recognize certain ideals, positivity and creative forces in our physical spacial realm. I also openly admit some people are totally lost, represent zero (0) hope to the human race and lack any soft skills required for endeavors other than a faux pas, inauspicious unfulfilled promises or words and actions of mindless, pointless hate.

In the past, I have received email correspondence from individuals that fit squarely into this demographic. These exchanges are usually disguised as “Can you answer my question(s) on Satanism” however, some are similar to a “Bouncing Betty”; planted strategically on the path to enlightenment to “fuck someone up”. I answer their question, they respond immediately with a follow-up question and I answer it as well. This is usually the point when a “theological debate” or “religious argument” is attempted by the person. This maneuver lands their email (and their email address) in the trash however, I have wasted time on someone not worthy of my time.

I have also encountered the person who “desperately needs my advice” to undo what they have done or vice versa. I have been a real “sucker” for these. I need advice from time to time and reach out to objective and knowledgeable individuals for guidance. I, in turn, have chosen to give back by helping others. This usually ends up as a life-draining attempt for them to “change my mind” and suggest whatever he / she thinks the solution should be. This is a segue to either 1) ask for me to perform some ritual that produces what they desire (i.e. gimme what I want) or 2) ask me to “spoon feed” Satanic Magic to them so they can get learn everything about magic in 20 minutes (i.e. gimme what I want).

bath tubWhile I do appreciate them thinking of me as a fucking doormat, I always attempt to explain the “work = results” theory during more foolish questions, theatrical coercion, a nude photo (or two) and when reality sets in that they will not get what they want, the inevitable attack of my Satanic capabilities (last step).

Note: I would prefer to place the last step ‘first’ so they would not contact me at all. “If I do not possess magical abilities, why the fuck did you contact me seeking a magical solution to YOUR PROBLEM?”

“Mr. Nacht, Your Coven, Holding on Line One”

I love and appreciate my coven members; they are my family. I can (and often do) discuss very personal matters with them because I know they reciprocate my feelings. Respect is a crucial requirement of Satanism and without respect, the coven will soon become a bastardized “cult” entity lead by a person who will ultimately destroy any resemblance of true Satanism. Those who remain in the group will more than likely be the next Tex Watson,  Linda Kasabian, Patricia Krenwinkel or Susan Atkins.Nothing Compares To You

Members of my coven persuaded and encouraged me to begin writing books. The idea was simple; “Share what has worked with the world”. So, the first book Magnum Opus – Secrets of the Inner Sanctum (released in October 2011) was about our coven. I feel that from that day forward, I have put my work, blogs and social media first and my beloved coven second. 

Does This Story Have A Point?

Yes. I am glad you asked. I intend to rectify this situation going forward and thus the “point” of this blog post.

I am taking a sabbatical from blogging and social media. This week represented the “straw that broke the horse’s back” and it marks a watershed moment of clarity in a never-ending nightmare to make deadlines, return correspondence, weed out / answer sincere questions, attend speaking engagements – all while leading our coven. I am so busy telling people how great Satanism is, that I miss out on the rewards that I cherish and hold very dear.

My first obligation is to Satan, my second obligation is to our Coven and everything else falls in line after these two. In my hast to do more as an ambassador of Satanism, I have neglected the first two priorities while wasting time engaged with those lacking the capacity to grasp Magic, Satan or Demonic beings. These lazy, over-confident posers want a free ride and money. she is beautifulThey truly believe Satan will give it to they simply because they “decided to sell their worthless souls”!

From time to time, I have seen people drop out of the public / social Friends always know how to contact me and that remains unchanged. I dream of virtual satanic rituals and plan to pursue in the future.

For the egomaniacs, trolls, apathetic, indolent, arrogant, impertinent,…………….I will stop there and waste neither time, word nor thought ever again.

Until next time…………or maybe not,beautiful woman

Satanic Blessings and Good Luck…….

Aleister Nacht

Dedicated to Noraa

Sodomized by god…..Is Religion Worth Anything At All?

For Those Concerned For My Well Being

It has been a while since I let my “LEFT HAND PATH” opinion loose upon those in dire need of clarity, honesty, reason and sanity. I am OK and have only been busy soaking in the grimoire given to me during my trip to Germany. The energy is strong and powerful……….and quite positive. Most of those outside our “Silent Order” think Devil Worshipers (yes, that is what I am) are ‘negative’ however, that simply shows their ignorance of the subject matter truth. More about this topic in the future. I am alright, itching with evil, :) and I thank you for checking on me.

“Wait, I Read on the Internet that Satanists Commit These Horrible Acts Against Children…”

I was simply minding my business, reading the daily news headlines, and enjoying a cup of coffee when what should appear……….this:

Counselor’s Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse Is Halved, to 50 Years

Ok, I am accustomed to seeing the catholics, Baptists, methodists, church of god, church of christ, church of……insert bullshit title here; but this is a jew.

Now, before anyone goes “crazy” and accuses me of Antisemitism, being a nazi or any other untrue nonsense, this blog is not about Jews…….it is about “religion” and how no one is immune to the effects of atrocities against children. Mr. Weberman was convicted of repeatedly molesting a girl during therapy sessions over three years, beginning when she was 12. Before sentencing him on 59 counts of abuse, Justice Ingram told the court, “The message should go out to all victims of sexual abuse that your cries will be heard and justice will be done.”

I must applaud Justice Ingram for speaking for the victim and acting accordingly. Someone needs to speak for those who cannot and that was done in this case.

Father Fist-Fuck and Our Lady of Continuous Sodomy

So, from a few days ago, this headline:

Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties

Here is an individual who protected “child rapists” from Justice in a well planned and executed conspiracy for decades; from the 1980s till the present day. I thought those “bad ole’ Satanists” were responsible for all the bad things in the world however, the established church; the lying, conspiring, raping, abusing mobsters continue to violate the innocent and get away with it over and over again.

There is no way to truly know how many victims have been (and are currently) abused at the hands of the church; the very establishment victims were told would protect them and provide a safe haven for them. Instead, they were stripped of their innocence, virginity, faith, happiness and betrayed by those “doing god’s will”. In a sick world of religious “nuts” screaming “I know god’s WILL”, where is the voice of reason, truth and the voice that speaks for the victims? I guess it has been drowned out by the fanatics shouting their god’s WANTS, NEEDS and DEMANDS.

She Devil

Silentium In Persona Diaboli

I have been a student of the Dark Arts for years and I greatly enjoy learning new ritual techniques and magical processes. There are a few people I can call upon and I am always intrigued by their approach and execution of the work. I would love to have more people to exchange information with however, when it comes to reciprocity, most people like to “learn” but they often have very few (if any) methods I can use. Many people are seeking the shortcut to the realization of their desires; nothing more. After years of dedication, study and searching for ‘truth in magic’, I really get upset when someone wants me to make them a millionaire, “babe magnet”, a vampire (?!??!?), pass a driver’s test :) know the winning lottery numbers, etc. It is almost like “I’m surfing the internet, hey I’ll ask the Satanist to ________________.”

The grimoire, Silentium In Persona Diaboli, is a breath of fresh air to me after a period of stale, stagnant discovery. The level of learning is something I did not fully realize was lacking for me personally. I enjoy discussing Satanism with those members of my Satanic Forum however, most of the discussions soon assume the “teacher / pupil” structure. I sometimes hunger for one or two bits of information that I have not considered.

The original grimoire manuscript was written (circa) the late 1400s. The informal “Introduction” (Front Matter) makes reference to the first Spanish auto-da-fé in Seville, Spain. This event took place in 1481 which provides a plausible baseline supporting the hypotheses of those who, in the past, examined the book. The Quemadero De Tablada is mentioned as a ‘tongue in cheek’ slur at face value. After reading the entire section (five pages), it seems to be a very personal attack on the insanity that was gripping Europe as the Inquisition went into “overdrive”. The mention of specific events suggests the book was a “work in progress”, actually requiring at least a decade to complete. The text is distinctive as reproduced from the original book. It is written in German however, the dialect is predominantly Bavarian with a sparse peppering of Schwäbisch words and distinctive phrases that currently exist around the Stuttgart area.

The book does not credit an author. During discussions in December, I learned that it is commonly believed the grimoire was assembled from the workings of an entire thirteen member Witch’s Coven with each member contributing works from ‘literal lifetimes’ of passing the information through the lineage and persistent practice. The output of such dedication and devotion is a book of knowledge, documentation and meticulous transcription.Naked Woman Satanic Altar

After the book was completed, it is said to have traveled throughout Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, France and Prussia; surfacing just before 1740 during the annexation of Silesia by King Frederick II the Great of Prussia. From Silesia, the book surfaced one final time before World War II (1926) in Katowice Voivodeship. The book was purchased during a sale in München (1961) and  been ‘home’ with the coven ever since.

For those who are interested, I will write more about Silentium In Persona Diaboli in the future.

Until next time.

Aleister Nacht

Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 4

Chakras, Energy, Magic and Satanism

“The heart plays a key role in many of the body’s biological functions while serving vital roles in the emotional system and subsystems of a person’s life. The heart also utilizes small electrical currents which not only send the signal to the heart to “beat” but it also sets the appropriate rhythm needed to ensure the needs of the body are met, whether sitting on the sofa or jogging down a sidewalk. It is ironic and terrifying at the same time to realize we are all one heartbeat away from death. That fact is very hard for some people to handle however, the Satanist views this philosophical “edge of the cliff” as just another event that occurs daily in the animal kingdom.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 3

“Just as chakras can have a negative impact on your health, conversely, your health can have a negative impact on your chakras. The two are closely interrelated and salubrious approach is a must for serious practitioners. A person must be dedicated to the principles of learning magic in order to become proficient. The association and connection between magical operations and the chakras is very relevant and important because without the health of the chakras, you will harm yourself much more while attempting magical rituals.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 2

Ok, I know it has been a while since Part 3. Do you remember the little test you took in Part 1? If not, take a moment to complete it because you will want to reference your strengths and weaknesses as we begin. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHAKRAS TESTS

The Third Eye

It has been said “Perception is reality”. This chakra is the key to the “self perception”. Through this sixth chakra known as Ajna (to command), a Satanist can master the mind and begin focusing energy as they wish. The third eye allows us to have a clear perception of our reality so we can fully understand our purpose in life. Legitimate Fortune Tellers, Palm Readers and Clairvoyants have been known to use this ‘second sight’ chakra which allows auras, colors and images to be seen using Extrasensory Perception (ESP). Located between the eyebrows, this indigo colored chakra it is thought to be connected to the pineal gland. It is the link between the inner and out worlds.

Chakra ajna

Intuition and intuitive perception processes are only part of the potential benefits. Many artists, writers, musicians, etc. often experience the immediate and spontaneous “idea”; which is certainly a byproduct of an open Third Eye. Visualization and the ability to use the imagination to formulate an intuitive abstract solution to a theoretical problem or situation. Blocks in this chakra cause us to become delusional, unimaginative, indifferent and to have poor memories. Worry is a big problem, spaced-out, and poor concentration also plague a person with a sick third eye chakra.

To the Satanist, developing the Third Eye is the most important chakra to develop. Without it, the Satanist will never enter the true Satanic realm. Perhaps the atheists calling themselves “Satanists” should devote some time and energy to this chakra.

The Crown Chakra

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect… and that is meaningful to the observer.” Carl Jung

The “Thousand-Petaled Lotus” (aka Crown Chakra) is located at the top of the head, in the brain. The actual purpose and uses of this chakra is sometimes highly debated by religious gurus, self-improvement enthusiasts, Macroprospectus experts, Yoga instructors and students of metaphysical spirituality. Why? Anytime the question of a “higher being” comes up, folks are ready for all hell to break loose.

The Sekhem (power / force) is the aura of spirituality and the innate human belief of “someone / something of a divine nature”. This chakra works in concert with the Ajna and some believe these two chakras are all that remains of our being after death. The energy remaining penetrates other dimensional worlds from the Crown Chakra; the human body joining the earth through the inevitable process of decay.

The Sahasara (a sustainment of thousand) combines intellect with belief, emotion, intuition (from the Third Eye), visualization, reason, imagination and frustration due to physical limitation. The “tug of war” behind the scenes often tilts the scales of sanity; resulting in confusion, detachment, illusions and delusion. For those who believe the development of this chakra involves buying a yoga mat, I hate to burst your bubble. Yoga means “union” or“discipline.” It’s great for exercise and it will help by releasing energy through exertion and increasing mental focus however, it is not a requirement for development of the chakras. A lack of understanding results in 1) nothing beyond the physical or 2) mental breakdown.

The Witch’s Cauldron – Magic and Energy

Satanic Magic is a blend of many things; past, present, future; organic and manufactured; good and bad; noise and silence; etc. There are many ingredients that are blended in order to produce magic and development of the inner-self and chakras only represents part of the equation. The recipe for magical success not only requires the proper ingredients, but the mixture must be balanced  in the correct proportions.

Just as medieval Alchemists tirelessly searched for the “golden formula”, a Satanist must always push the limits of experimentation and magical practice in order to reap the benefits. In your magical pursuits, be sure to develop the chakras while concurrently developing your magical abilities. Do not be satisfied when scratching the surface of Satanic Magic.

Strengthening the seven chakras takes time and energy however, the return on investment will exceed your wildest expectations!

Until next time………….

The Satanic Spire by Aleister Nacht

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Will You Be Happy In 2013?

I ask the same question each year and while some people have entered the new world and found happiness, others have not. Will You Be Happy In 2012

This year can change your life, break the chains of depression, despair and hopelessness. YOU must take charge and take the first step. I am here to support you and also a growing forum from all areas of the occult. Satanic Forum

I sincerely thank everyone for their support and help as we form a cohesive network of Occult practitioners. I look forward to the contributions and exchange of knowledge for the benefit of everyone!

Each one of you is very special and Satan wants you to live in truth, prosperity, knowledge and quality of life.

Send me an email and share you decision! Above all, I wish you happiness for 2013!!!

Aleister Nacht


Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

Occult Underground Interviews Magus Aleister Nacht

As he sips his hot mug of Earl Grey, you would never know that this man is a best-selling author or the leader of a Satanic Coven. However, that is what Aleister Nacht does as a full-time vocation.

“I believe people want to…..need to, have answers to their questions and the established religions simply raise more questions that are answered” Nacht says as he raises the steaming cup to his lips. “That is precisely how I am able to fill the void and bridge the chasm to reason and logic”.

Based in Augsburg for a two week tour of Bavaria, Nacht attended a Satanic ritual on Christmas Eve and plans to attend a ritual on New Year’s Eve to welcome in another successful year for his Satanic coven, Magnum Opus.
“This has been a great year and we look forward to 2013 as an even ‘better’ year for us” Nacht explains. “I am seeing a dramatic increase in readership of my blog and followers through social media outlets. “I believe people find what they have been searching for when they find my website or blog”.

Undoubtedly, Aleister Nacht has found his niche in a world begging for more ‘Satan’. Certainly, his numbers do not lie! Nacht is a best-selling author, outselling his idol, the late Anton LaVey, and he is sponsored by the deep pockets of his coven Magnum Opus. His limited number of speaking engagements bring five-figure compensation for his time. When asked about his mailing list, speculated to have over 100,000 email addressed, Nacht smiles and replies, “Slightly more than 100,000. Your number is a little low!”

Nacht is totally unassuming and modest when it comes to his readers. “I know who ‘butters my bread’; the loyal readers who purchase my books. Without them, I would certainly whither and die! I love my readers and always go out of my way to personally answer their emails.”

OU: Aleister, you have a very coveted lifestyle and your Satanic theology has been called “fantasy” however, you never rebut such accusations. Why?
AN: I have nothing to prove so when people challenge me on my beliefs, I don’t waste my energy. If it is a ‘valid’ question, sent with sincerity, I will always answer and elaborate on the topic. If the question is a quasi-personal attack on my beliefs or coven, I do not waste my time!

OU: You have written several books, you attend speaking engagements and book signings and continue to blog regularly. Number one, where do you get inspiration and number two, what do you dislike the most when it comes to the occult?
AN: I am inspired by simplicity and sincerity. Things do not need to be complicated however, most people make things difficult to impress others. It is pure bullshit. These Occult bullshit ‘artists’ spread lies and mislead people who are honestly searching for answers. These ‘gurus’ take the money, dignity and faith of the Searchers…..they cause so much pain and shame.

OU: What is your favorite book you have written?
AN: Book of Satanic Magic is my favorite.

OU: Your manager told me you are receiving an honor of sorts while in Germany. Can you share any information with my readers?
AN: Sure, it is not a secret or anything like that. During the New Year’s Eve ritual, I will experience a distinguished honor by receiving a grimoire of higher magic entitled “Silentium In Persona Diaboli”. This grimoire has been passed down through generations and contains a framework for the evolution of magic.

OU: So this book is for ……?
AN: The grimoire and the knowledge that is being given to me while in Germany will increase the power of our coven while closing the dimensional gap between our coven and the Hosts of Hell.

OU: One last question; when will your new book be released and what is it about?
AN: The new book is set for release in mid March 2013. It will explore the connection between ritual magic and Satanic energy.

I thank Aleister for speaking with me today. For more information about Aleister Nacht or Satanism, visit the links below.




Satanic Magic Blog:

The Ritual of the Black Flame and Beyond – A Powerful Night of Satanic Ritual

Awesome; Satan Is Awesome!!

When I awoke late this afternoon, my head was pounding!! I always over-do it after special ritual work……and last night was very, very special. I was purposely cautious and redacted my previous blog posts so I would not reveal anything to jeopardize the ritual.

Read more here.…


Satanic Ritual in Germany Tonight

The Blessings of Satan In His House Tonight

We are making final preparations for our satanic ritual tonight. The energy is strong, the magic is intoxicating, our coven is READY! Tonight we re-dedicate ourselves to the almighty King of the World; Satan!!

I sincerely wish everyone Satanic Blessings and I hope everyone can harvest the fruits of our combined “magical labors”. We are without name, without face, without form in a sea of vividness however, everyone in the world knows of our Master, mission and power. They tremble at the very mention of our association; for good reason!

We remember those who have passed before us and those who will come. We cast the spells, we invoke darkness and we unlock the sacred and ancient door to the dimension just beyond. For our day has come and our power shall increase as those hypocritical fools attempt to negotiate their slavery!

This night we will use a building dedicated to a myth, sanctified by senile old men in Rome and filled with dogma and death; we will make the bowels of the Basilican Xtian Ossuarium come alive!! Upon the bones of those buried beneath, we shall trample upon the sepulcher where the flesh-peddling whoremonger has been laid for the halfwits to adore while fidgeting with their rosaries.

Brother and Sister, enter the sanctum tonight with head held high and know we stand TOGETHER before His Altar. Partake of the sweet elixir and the softness of the Altar and focus your mind on attaining magical heights of ecstasy and Shout with Satan.

Call the Demons to assist in fulfilling you desires of flesh and spirit. Tonight we indulge in any wish for we are Gods; much more worthy of worship than the xtian myth and lie. As the bell sounds of 9, I will intercede for those who believe and have witnessed great satanical magical.

He shall reveal His power, desires and words to us; the true of the numbers. We take our rightful place at His left hand. Tears of joy and howls of delight!

Satanic Blessings!!

Magus Aleister Nacht

Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 3

Chakras and Energy

“While demons often deliver your desires to the person and / or object of your magical focus, it is the all-important connection between energy and magic that serves as the mandatory process step for successful magical operations including spells, curses, conjuration and invocations. It’s the dormant energy that rests at the base of the spine waiting for the chakras to align in harmony to awaken it.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 1

Magic and Satanism

“Just as chakras can have a negative impact on your health, conversely, your health can have a negative impact on your chakras. The two are closely interrelated and salubrious approach is a must for serious practitioners. A person must be dedicated to the principles of learning magic in order to become proficient. The association and connection between magical operations and the chakras is very relevant and important because without the health of the chakras, you will harm yourself much more while attempting magical rituals.” Satanism and Your Chakras – Part 2

Ok, remember the little test you took in Part 1? If you do not, take a moment to go back and complete it because you will want to reference your strengths and weaknesses as we go for a “deeper dive” tonight. CLICK HERE FOR THE CHAKRAS TESTS

First, let’s answer some questions to get the brain working………….

1. Feelings of inadequacy may be an indication of which chakra?

2. Diseases are often caused by repeated blockage of __________________?

3. Which chakra is associated with emotional centeredness and pleasure?

4. Without _______________, there is no life.

5. All energies that reach other chakras flow through the ______________?

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

The nervous system and digestive system, including the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen, are associated with the third chakra called the Solar Plexus. Concurrently, the Solar Plexus chakra allows you to really “know yourself”, allowing you to determine your limitations. This chakra is also the key to emotional stability, inner peace, self-esteem and self-control. A person’s willpower is directly linked to this “yellow chakra” and for those of you beginning a journey, starting over, cleaning out the ‘closet of past chaos’, this is the chakra that will need a great deal of your attention going forward.

Intuition and instincts are byproducts of repeated molding, shaping and strengthening of the Solar Plexus chakra. For this reason, Friedrich Nietzsche was correct; What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. As you chisel this chakra into a work of art, you often will ask yourself “Am I going to die soon?” however, successful efforts result in a “regenerative id, an instinctive psyche and a higher intelligence plane“. Some philosophically refer to this chakra as the ego however, I believe the ego has more than one chakra input. More on that later……

Development of this chakra is also the first step to becoming a Cognitive Warrior; agile, dexterous, perspicacious, skillful and dangerous for anyone making a fatal mistake of underestimating you as an opponent. These traits, combined with the power of Satanic Magic, creates a force of nature that only tireless dedication, study and practice produce. Many perceived altercations are ended within seconds as your opponent hits you with their idea of a “cognitive roundhouse punch“. You will calmly open the gates of retribution and symbolically split their skull with your verbal spiked Mace!! They will have had only a glimpse of the power you command and they will flee as fast as possible to avoid the full load of your blitzkrieg  attack. No one wants to appear stupid in the presence of their peers.

Heart Chakra

The next in line is named Anahata in Sanskrit…… is the Heart Chakra and represents “love”; not so fast, because everything that comes with love is not always pleasant. While everyone reading this can probably remember their First Love from many years ago (or maybe recently), they will probably also remember the sharp stinging in the chest caused by the end of that very special experience. My fond memories are of innocence and naive exploration into the unknown; holding hands in the movie theatre, building the courage to put my arm around her shoulder and the sweet acceptance as she moved closer to snuggle with me. Then, in the blink of an eye, she moved away and I never saw her again; my heart still reminds me of the sharp pain I experienced for the first time in my life that summer. I was totally unprepared and without the coping skills developed later, I was alone and truly broken-hearted.

As illustrated, you should be aware of the “pleasure and pain” aspects of this chakra. Grief, pain, anxiety and even fear are produced during the course of a normal week, day, hour or minute. In the fluid environment where tangibles are few and far between, the Heart Chakra must be developed to the point that nothing will bring it to a figurative or literal stop. Resilience will be developed over time while inputs from “healthy” Root, Sacral and Solar Chakras serve to nourish the Heart Chakra.

For Satanists, there is an added emphasis placed upon the proper development of this chakra with predominantly one primary reason: Self and the love of Self is a most important aspect of Satanic life. This is another stage where more “personal baggage” must be acknowledged and dealt with properly in order to build the necessary foundation. While scar tissue may (and often does) remain, the importance of guilt acknowledgement and proper mitigation can not be overstated. Without proper treatment, the injury will return, over and over, to cause disruption, upheaval, pain, shame and embarrassment which results in…………..GUILT! It is a vicious, festering cycle that will ultimately destroy a person from the inside out.

The heart plays a key role in many of the body’s biological functions while serving vital roles in the emotional system and subsystems of a person’s life. The heart also utilizes small electrical currents which not only send the signal to the heart to “beat” but it also sets the appropriate rhythm needed to ensure the needs of the body are met, whether sitting on the sofa or jogging down a sidewalk. It is ironic and terrifying at the same time to realize we are all one heartbeat away from death. That fact is very hard for some people to handle however, the Satanist views this philosophical “edge of the cliff” as just another event that occurs daily in the animal kingdom.

Throat Chakra

Frequently referred to as the “Fifth Chakra”, Vissudha is the Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra. Located in the throat area (jaw and neck area), this chakra is represented by the color turquoise and is utilized for creative self-expression of your “truths”, which is sometimes very confusing for Satanists. Our belief discourages lies and lying however, Satanists acknowledge the fact that everyone lies from time to time AND there are consequences for lying that has nothing to do with ‘right or wrong moral BS’ and has a purely  humanistic rationale.

When you lie, this opens a chasm in your aura which must be filled to close. Since you have practically set these sound vibrations free in a vast vacuum, a mystic venturi effect and just like a cut can become infected by germs, your aura may be impregnated by many things you do not want: DO NOT NEED in your life, period. More on this topic in other posts.

The Throat Chakra truths also extends to the delivery of your truths; your comfort level and effectiveness while revealing your truths. Some symptoms include stretching the truth for personal gain, shyness, anxiety or overwhelming fear of expression when sharing your truths. When out of balance, the use of any natural expressions you may have been gifted with become mechanical, forced and void of the feelings and sincerity with which you can easily deliver at any given time. Everything seems to be a daunting task that requires almost all of your energy to convey. Your natural abilities melt away and none of your “old tricks” can help. You are on an imaginary, yet very real, slippery slope to failure.

Vissudha means purification and that is the essence of truthfulness. If you are true to yourself, you will be able to use that truth as you express your real “self” to others. Singing, dancing and other forms of communication allow for better expression of the Self.

End of Part 3

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The Christian Prison Of Lies

Are You Living a Lie?

I have been extremely busy this week. Time slips right through my fingers everyday it seems. I take a few minutes throughout the day to read the numerous emails that fill my Inbox more and more frequently. I always try to respond to each one individually which is very time-consuming. It often takes a month for me to respond to the queue. This week, four of the emails were very personal and I found myself feeling overwhelming compassion for the individuals.

Satanic Cross

It is difficult for me to read some of these emails because they are very, very sad situations. If I did not feel anything after reading these languishing tales, I would consider myself a monster. One in particular was difficult to read. I can only imagine the true feels this person must deal with on a daily basis. I applaud her for having the courage to share her story as she seeks happiness.

The vast majority of Seekers have a common denominator in their pasts; they have been, or are presently, shackled to the religious establishment in some way or form. These establishments “advertised” spiritual freedom and have ironically, imprisoned the very ones searching for that freedom and ultimately, happiness. For those who muster the courage to write me, the pain has reached the point of non-containment.

Satanism and the Journey to Enlightenment

Every person who pursues truth must be prepared because the journey is long and tiring. Not only are the religious vultures perched to feel on the Searcher’s carcass but there are also those claiming to be followers of the Left Hand Path who are equally anxious to take advantage of those unwary souls. Whether deceit, mental derangement, pedophiliaincest, sodomy, inchoate offenses, robbery, extortion or even murder, these individuals lay coiled like a snake along the treacherous path to knowledge and happiness. They strike; sinking their fangs deep into the victim, injecting their poisonous lies and the Searcher’s fate is sealed.

Flag of Satanism

Some Searchers simply resign themselves to a purgatory where they must live a lie to survive. These situations are extremely difficult to extricate themselves from especially when there are family members involved. One such situation is occurring in realtime for one such Searcher. Her story is, unfortunately becoming more and more commonplace in the correspondences I receive regularly.

Who Really Wants Your Soul?

From the picture attached to her email, she is a very beautiful woman; a natural, classic – ‘effortless’ beauty. She possesses advanced university degrees, certifications, credentials and is recognized for being very successful within her area of expertise. She has a daughter who is a beauty like her mother and she has a husband. She describes the relationship with her spouse as ‘growing weary’ with a fanatical xtian. As I read each sentence, it became abundantly clear that she is painfully aware of what would happen if her identity were revealed and how her life would implode for even asking innocent questions. Yet, she has the courage to follow her heart as she seeks TRUTH. In this instance, she has not sold her soul to the Devil however, she has traded happiness for comfort – quality of life for ‘false’ security.

To live a lie is a literal death sentence. It takes a talented actor to say the right things to the right people while performing the ‘socially accepted or expected’ roles and duties. Many people exist up until the time they release their last breath, even though they have not really lived in decades and this is a waste; a sad tragedy. Every passing day is a countdown to the inevitable ending of our individual designated time. Each person must choose their destiny; must forge the raw metal that will result in a sharp, two-edged sword capable of protection and inflicting injury when required. Two make that sword strong and impressively deadly, it must go through fire and be tempered, hammered and drawn out in the hands of a Master Craftsman. It is the metal repeatedly subjected to the anvil and hammer that will transform into a powerful weapon.

Get Busy Living or You Are Dead Already

If you are Searching for your place in this world, there are those of us willing and able to assist you in your journey however, you must help yourself by taking the first step. Ultimately, the individual must decide their path for no one can do that for them. Once the decision has been made and the first step taken, it gets easier with every subsequent step.

“Where are you headed on your journey? How will your story end?”

Witch and Cross

Here are some resources that can provide some guidance and information needed to make the best decisions along the way.

Satanism and Satanic Magic Forum

The Satanic Spire News Letter

Top 10 Blog Posts

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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Q&A with Aleister Nacht – November 25th, 2012

Aleister Nacht's Satanic Coven - Magnum OpusSatanic Sunday

To everyone who attended the Q&A session tonight, a very heartfelt “Thank You”. It was a great experience and I enjoyed sharing as well as hearing your thoughts on the topics. Let’s do it again!!! If you missed this event, perhaps you can attend one in the future.

Questions and Answers

I have provided a list of the topics below so others will benefit. Enjoy!!


1. Do I have to sell my soul to Satan?

Answer: No, the idea of selling your soul is purely folklore. I suggest reading my blog post on that one.

2. Do you think it is a good idea to be “out” as a Satanist?

Answer: I believe you must be honest with yourself but also smart about it. It would not benefit you to shout it from the rooftop and maybe lose your job or make enemies because of it. That is the very reason most Satanists are very reserved about their beliefs. Satanists represent all walks of professional life however, a “Devil worshipping Surgeon” may unnerve many people.

3. Do you like being a Satanist?

Answer:  I enjoy what I do and derive a great deal of satisfaction by helping others discover a world where neither guilt nor hypocrisy are used as tools to sell lies the others. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to their own version of satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness. I never experienced such peace and stability in my life and emotions while part of the Xian congregation. For me, being a Satanist makes sense to me and I could never go back.


4.  Do you provide guidance to those who ask?

Answer: Yes, I am happy to provide answers to questions and assist those searching for the truth. I ask for one thing before you ask a question; “Do your research and be ready to discuss the matter intelligently before you contact me”. The basic information about Satanism is readily available from many sources including my books.


5. My 11-year-old daughter is a Satanist without my help in any way, do you think it would be best to teach her Satanism at home? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You will be doing her a favor by supporting her and teaching the right way instead of the lies or misconceptions of others.

6. Ever tried Necronomicon rituals?

Answer: Yes and they are very, very powerful. Preparation is most important because when the ritual begins, it is “Game On”!!


7. The Satanic Mass by Anton LaVey is awesome! Would you ever record your own Mass, something as powerful & compelling? 

Answer: I would love to record a ritual and have tried however, it looses something when recorded. I’ll leave An ton’s version for the generations to come. I would like to hold a virtual ritual and even took a poll to see if there was an interest.

"The Satanic Mass" by Anton LaVey

8. Do I have to join a coven to be a Satanist?

Answer: No, you are not required to join any association unless you feel compelled to do so.

9. I am afraid to talk to my husband about Satanism. If you were in my situation, what would you do?

Answer: You must be honest with yourself. Living life in fear of what someone thinks about your most precious beliefs is HELL. Open a dialogue with him and if he loves you, he will listen.

10. I had sex with a Demon and it made me really tired the next day, why did that happen and how can I prevent the tiredness in the future?

Answer: Sexual encounters with a succubus or incubus is very demanding. Some people laugh at these words however, they are real and using energy in that realm is very tiring indeed. Meditation before the event will help build stamina over time.

11. I have heard some ( a few ) Satanists say that using magick is not important in Satanism. I digress… I personally think it is a vital part to this path as a Theistic/traditional Satanist. What are your thoughts, Aleister Nacht?

Answer: I believe magick is one of the most important things to Satanists. It is what bonds the person with Satan and the energy that is important for all of us. Yes, I agree with you.

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan

12. How long have you been a Satanist?

Answer: Over 25 years.

13. Do you sacrifice animals?

Answer: No, I do not torture, kill or drink the blood of any animals.

14. What kind of Satanism do you practice?

Answer: I must say I am closest to Theistic Satanism than any other form however, I do not claim to be a Theistic Satanist. I acknowledge Satan and Demons are real and our lives as followers are measured according to the service we provide to the Master of the World. Every follower has to decide what is right for them.


15. What do you think of the AL JILWAH?

Answer: I find it to be a very good literary work however, I question the authenticity and motivation behind it. I read many different books on a stratus of topics. I have a top 5 for anyone interested.


16. What are your favorite grimoires?

Answer: I do not have a favorite.

17. Do you know any coven in the NYC area?

Answer: No however, there are a few listed on Meet Up website which is a good way to explore. Always meet in a public place!!

18. Would you ever perform sorcery for clients?

Answer: It depends upon who and what the objective was. I would consider it.

19. Have just been reading your book Book of Satanic Ritual. You mentioned you can use either silver or gold candlestick on your altar. As far as I have read, seen etc it seems that only silver should be used and never gold as gold is associated with xtian/Christian beliefs.

Answer: The idea that gold is of xtian association is a very common misnomer. I recommend you use whatever you desire. Satanism does not require dogma nor does it dictate compliance to anyone’s ideology except that of our Master Satan.

Book of Satanic Ritual by Aleister Nacht

20. Can one be a theistic Satanist and an atheist at the same time without contradiction?

Answer: Well, I have written several blog posts on this subject. I believe in Satan and Demons therefore, I am not an atheist. There are atheists who call themselves Satanists however, I do not get the connection. Try this:


21. What happened with Facebook? Do they object to the content of our discussion?

Answer: No, I sent out notices about tonight’s Q&A and someone reported me as a “Spammer”. I cannot comment or like any posts. Some of the other “Satanists Groups” like to use antics like that to take a shot at someone………

22. Which is the most powerful ritual satanic or magic spell for bringing back a lost love, for example?

Answer: I have two that I wrote some years ago that have served me well. The best are the ones written by the magician because they possess the passion, energy, emotion and personal connection to the receiver.

23. In rituals what are good things to offer to Satan and Demons?

Answer: Sincerity is the most important. You must make sure everyone in the group has their focus and is not playing around. If someone is in it for a game, they need to be promptly ejected from the coven until they “get it together”.

24. How developed is your third eye?

Answer: Mine is not as tuned as other people I know. Each person has a gift and for some, it is the Third Eye.

25. Are you working on another book?

Answer: Yes I am. It will be released early next year. It will be interactive, created for the iPad and Mini, and sold exclusively through iTunes.



Reproduced from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Sunday, November 25th, 2012, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.


Satanic Pentagram - A five-pointed star that is formed by drawing a continuous line in five straight segments, often used as a mystic and magical symbol.

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Satanic Sunday Evening Chat with Aleister Nacht – Sunday, November 25th, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm EST

NOTE: FB once again has blocked my account. For those sending messages, I apologize and will answer when the block is lifted (if ever). FB is more pain in the ass than benefit……

Please feel free to email any questions to:

Satanic Sunday Evening Chat with Aleister Nacht - Sunday, November 25th, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm EST

Satanic Sinners of the LHP,

I invite you to join me for Satanic Sunday Evening Chat as I talk with you, answer questions and ask your opinion on all things Satanic. I will be on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr this coming Sunday, November 25th from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

I will post selected questions and answers for everyone to read. Spend a couple of hours with me.

I hope you will join me there!




Satanic Magic Blog:

via Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Magic Blog.


Aleister Nacht


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“Satanic Sunday Evening Chat” with Aleister Nacht – November 25th

Satanic Goat

Satanic Sunday Evening Chat with Aleister Nacht - Sunday, November 25th, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm EST


Satanic Sinners of the LHP,

I invite you to join me for Satanic Sunday Evening Chat as I talk with you, answer questions and ask your opinion on all things Satanic. I will be on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr this coming Sunday, November 25th from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

I will post selected questions and answers for everyone to read. Spend a couple of hours with me.

I hope you will join me there!





Satanic Magic Blog:


Aleister Nacht

Satanic Ritual - Aleister Nacht

The Christian Solution for Satanists

Happy Birthday to Abraham “Bram” Stoker

Satan’s Time Is Coming! Our Time Is Coming!

As a Satanist, I am delighted with the direction society is collectively going. I am inspired when I read about the youth of the world rising up to say “No More!! No more lies; no more money for the fat, bloated and lethargic xtian church.” It warms me to the core to learn how passionate young Satanists are and committed they can be. There have been those xtian fanatics who are never satisfied unless they are controlling the life of some poor victim who only wants to be left alone.

As our world becomes “smaller” with the advancement of communication methods and social media, more people are discovering the complete fraud and lies of the xtian church. The yoke of religious slavery is being slowly lifted from the necks and shoulders of the innocent and I am ecstatic!

This is no surprise to any rational person who watches conservative Christians, or to any rational person who watches conservative politicians (who are generally Christian in the U.S.) in the news, but there is a new study out that documents the fact that conservative Christians have a dishonesty problem. Yes, Christians talk a good game about their morality, and they go on and on about the Ten Commandments, but the fact is that Christians tend to lie. Why do conservative Christians behave this way? It is so simple: They must lie to themselves constantly to believe in their imaginary God. Since they are lying to themselves constantly, it is predictable that lying becomes second nature and infects other parts of their lives and their thinking. Source

Shove those lies back in their face! If you show mercy to these stupid twits, you will be systematically bombarded by they lies until you go mad. Make a stand and stop that insanity before it begins. Tell them to kindly cease and desist; you are not buying what they sell. There is nothing wrong with light conversation however, when the xtian begins jabbing with their “born again bullshit” or gay marriage, abortions, etc., simply let them know you are not interested!!

If Sandy was an act of god, sue the christian church!

Let’s not forget the natural disasters that some old fart, floating on a cloud and wearing an old robe, is responsible for murder because he/she/it hates homosexuals and anyone in the northeastern United States. With a mindless “fuck them all” christian attitude, this “representative” storm was punishment for anal sex and heartfelt, honest emotions some people were literally born possessing.

Every word that falls from their tongue is polluted with the transparent “I care about you” conjecture. Money is the true god and getting as much as possible to build huge state of the art facilities; better to attract more imbeciles who can stuff more money in the coffers. No money; No Blessings! Where are the members of these churches when families are without food, water or a place to live? “Fuck you, we don’t care!”

Being tax-exempt is another way churches keep 100% of the money the beg, borrow or steal from the public. Churches often do not comply with the legal requirements of their tax-exempt status. These bible-thumping hypocritical outlaws have no fear of the law………. Of course, the countless victims that the church murdered will never receive justice.

Size Matters if you want real satisfaction!

Mega Church Statistics
Church Name City State Avg Attendance Denomination
Lakewood Church
Joel Osteen
Houston TX 43500 NON
Craig Groeschel
Edmond OK 26776 EC
Fellowship Church
Ed Young, Jr.
Grapevine TX 24000 SBC
Willow Creek Community Church
Bill Hybels
South Barrington IL 23400 NON
North Point Community Church
Andy Stanley
Alpharetta GA 23377 NON
Second Baptist Church
Edwin Young
Houston TX 22723 SBC
Saddleback Valley Community Church
Rick Warren
Lake Forest CA 22418 SBC
West Angeles Church of God in Christ
Charles Blake
Los Angeles CA 20000 COGIC
Southeast Christian Church
Dave Stone
Louisville KY 17261 CHRISTIAN
Fellowship of the Woodlands
Kerry Shook
The Woodlands TX 17142 NON

The Megachurch…………represents big, big money. This dorky-looking fuckhead, is Joel Osteen. 

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen

Every week, thousands of people flock to a Houston, Texas, arena to pray alongside one of the most influential preachers of our time—Joel Osteen. His televised sermons reach more than 10 million viewers in nearly 100 countries. Osteen has also found success as the author of best-selling books like Your Best Life Now and Every Day a Friday. Now, he says he lives off book royalties and no longer takes a salary from his church. Mr. Osteen stopped taking his $200,000 annual salary from the church after he sold his first book.

 The Osteens’ home is situated on 1.86 acres and surrounded by an ornamental fence. It has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators and five wood-burning fireplaces, with a one-bedroom guest house and pool house. The Harris County Texas Appraisal District valued it at $10.5 million.

Buckets of Money – over $43 million a year gets collected in the church, another $30 million or so comes in the mail. It’s a cash cow and a family business. Osteen’s brother, sister and mother are ministers in the church. But the real money for Osteen comes from his book sales, which are re-packaged versions of his sermons.

Mega Church and Christian Groupies

Mega Church and Christian Groupies

L. Ron Hubbard (Founder of Scientology) once said “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion. While our modern-day evangelists have not started their own religion, they have unquestionably improved on Hubbard’s idea. Capitalizing on Christianity has proved to be far more lucrative than starting a new religion.

God Answers Prayers - "Cock and the Door Will Open Unto You"

Don’t Forget The Temptations

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 55-year-old pastor in Isanti Township was arrested Sunday in connection with a criminal sexual conduct case involving young men at the church where he worked, according to the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities received a complaint at about 10:34 a.m. last Friday of an alleged ongoing case of criminal sexual conduct involving a pastor and young adult men at the Lakeside Christian Church in Isanti Township. After an investigation, Ryan Jay Muehlhauser was arrested Sunday in rural Cambridge and booked into the Isanti County Jail on charges of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving clergy meeting for religious advice. Muehlhauser was the senior pastor at Lakeside Christian Church during the time of the alleged incidents, authorities say.

Equal Opportunity Crooks

Mama Needs A New Pair of Shoes

A Houston pastor and his wife are in the Harris County jail charged with bilking their former congregation out of more than $400,000 and using that money for gambling trips to Louisiana. Charles Gilford, 58, and Adriane Gilford, 53, were indicted Wednesday by a Harris County grand jury and charged with aggregate theft and “misapplication of fiduciary property.” Prosecutors allege the Gilfords used at least $430,000 in church funds to gamble at the Coushatta Casino near Lake Charles between 2004 and 2007. They were pastor and first lady of Bethel Institutional Missionary Baptist Church (BIMBC) on Selinsky Road in southeast Houston at the time.

Facing up to 26 years in state prison

INGLEWOOD, Calif.—A pastor at an Inglewood church was charged today with nine felony sex-related counts involving an underage girl. Gordon Barrington Solomon, 50, of Christ’s Community Church, is scheduled to be arraigned today in Inglewood Superior Court on seven counts of committing a lewd act on a child and one count each of continuous sexual abuse and oral copulation of a person under the age of 14. The criminal complaint alleges that the crimes occurred between June 1, 2010, and last Sunday. Solomon was arrested Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and has remained jailed in lieu of $3 million bail. Solomon met the girl, who is now 14 years old, through his involvement with the church, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Dan Scott of the Special Victims Bureau.

What Could That White Powder Possibly Be?

NEW YORK – The pastor of a Florida megachurch was found dead in a New York City hotel room on Friday. A white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was discovered on the body,The Wall Street Journal reports. New York City police said 42-year-old Zachery Tims of Orlando was found dead on the floor of a room at the W Hotel in Times Square late Friday afternoon. There was no criminal activity suspected. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death. His body was discovered by a hotel worker trying to check the minibar, the Journal reports. According to his church’s website and Facebook page, Tims was the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., one of the largest congregations in central Florida. He also hosted and appeared on Christian television and radio programs. In an article posted online Sunday, The Orlando Sun-Sentinel reported that the church had more than 7,000 members. Tims started the church in 1996. The congregation grew quickly and in 2005, the church built a $3.4 million, 34,000-square-foot youth center. The paper reported that Tims had been in and out of jail as a young man and hoped the center would keep youngsters away from drugs and crime. Church members and others posted a flurry of messages mourning the loss of the popular pastor on Facebook and Twitter late Sunday. In 2009, Tims and his wife Riva divorced after he admitted to a year-long affair with a stripper. The couple had been married for 15 years, the Journal reports.

Closing Thoughts From Purgatory

As I have stated before, humans care about one thing: Themselves. I would love to claim a more lofty initiative however, there is not one I can see. So, for xtians, there is also the absence of guilt and a feeling of satisfaction. The organized religions are fabricated lies and illusions created to make money and the xtians are the ones who buy into the lies, then that will set their sights on the poor bastard who just wants to be left alone and not harassed.

Until Next Time,

Aleister Nacht

Holy Hell

church,christian,joel osteen,money,satanist

Halloween Satanic Rituals – Advocatus Diaboli

All Hallows Eve / Halloween

Satanic Ritual Preparation

As another sacred Satanic holiday approaches, I wanted to write about the Halloween ritual celebration. “So, what is the central theme of the post going to be?” Flashback……..

I could write about the origins of the holiday itself or maybe the meanings behind the commercialized Halloween costumes, words and names; such as Jack-o-Lantern. Perhaps I could explain how the xtians followed Jewish traditions such as their “sun down to sun up” shtick to lead into another celebration of mediocrity called All Saints’ Day. Maybe I could go off on a wild tangent and applaud the xtian church for creating a holiday for all those martyred victims, who received the moniker of “saint”………….after their xtian church murdered them. Ok, so anyone can Google that information and read until they pass out. I wanted to write something for the seeker, searcher, practitioner……….I wanted to write something for the true Satanist. Dim the lights, come closer to the screen and let’s get cozy with the Hosts of Hell.

Fountain of Forgiveness - Aleister Nacht Satanic Magic

Fountain of Forgiveness – Aleister Nacht Satanic Magic

We are going about the Father’s work.

The smell of incense fills the air. Our temple, our worshipful unholy void in the vastness of emptiness and we fill it with cries of pain and joy. We create a frenzy of lusts and invite evil to lay on our altar. Fate is the absence of direction; a truly causeless journey for cowards. We know what we do; what we say………..we are proud that we can offer the most precious of the young skin, so white and pale – barely a blemish on the canvas we are about to paint with our fallen fluids.

Bound at the four corners to secure the inevitable. The secret she came seeking and tonight she shall know us all.

Into our club we welcome her and into our family we abide and present to our quorum. I lick my lips and the bell sounds of the 9th. Open the chest with the air of shouting and claim the darkness for it belongs to us; HIS children. We fall into satanic ecstasy and the smell of her floats on the heated air of the candles. I love you Athame………….I will hold you tightly tonight. With precision you shall allow us to partake of great energy for WE ARE GODS! Across the neck of shame do I place my blade; you do not intimidate our child and we will stand tall and ring the satanic bell.

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi…………..

My eyes are as open doors for the concupiscence of her………I can barely hold my impious motivations. My robe warms with craving. My sword is as forged steel and my hands are impatient for the entropy of ritual and benedictions. The silk glides smoothly over my scepter. A thin line of  “dew of lecherous fissure” remains on the cloth. The wafer must be trampled before……………

As with any ritual, preparation cannot be overlooked or shortcut taken. As so many people have asked in the past about proper preparation, I feel as though this element is sorely overlooked. Without a plan, there is no fruition or realization of that being desired. Being patient in the approach will certainly pay great dividends; to that I can attest. In our “drive through” society, those who are not focused and willing to invest time, energy and patience will soon become flustered and disillusioned. I read the chatroom conversations of these underachievers as they turn into the “Atheist Satanists” (oxymoron)  through their own actions.

The Implements of Satanic Rituals

The implements of the Halloween Satanic ritual are similar to those used in other ritual workings with a few differences and additions. In my Book of Satanic Ritual, I cover many of the core items that aid the coven and bring value to the performance of the ritual. As a side note, finding and using identical or specific implements is NOT mandatory in order to realize the desired results. It is not imperative that the practitioner(s) use anything other than what is desired by the practitioner(s). I often receive questions via email from LHP followers explaining that certain items cannot be located for purchase in their surrounding area and they are “desperately searching” because they have been told by some knucklehead that their ritual will not be successful without certain “materials”. Rhetoric such as this reminds me of the xtian high roller evangelists who sell the ‘Jesus Mood Ring’ for $29.95.

“You can’t get through heaven’s gate with out the Jesus Mood Ring! Call now!!!!”

Add $9.99 shipping and handling plus a $5.99 “Love Offering” to send Prayer Warrior Missionaries to Mars

A $9.99 gift to the Evangelist’s Building Contractor Fund to help pay for the $100,00.00 Olympic-size Hot Tub in his mansion in southern France!!”

Move Over Mood Rings, Here’’s Your Own Personal Jesus

Riding on the wave of the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) jewelry craze and taking a cue from 1970s mood rings, come Mood Crosses. This newly launched line of jewelry allows you to witness the image of Jesus appear, from the warmth of your body, as you hold or wear the cross. Mood Crosses are the brainchild of Double M Marketing, Inc. based in Plainview, New York. Working the same way as classic mood rings, Mood Crosses use the wearer’s body heat to gradually depict the image of Christ when the cross is touched, held or worn.

Satanic Chalice - Aleister Nacht Satanism

Satanic Chalice

Satanism is about individualism. For example, I like to use ‘Rain’ incense during certain rituals and ceremonies. It has a pleasant aroma which is not overpowering like some of the other fragrances.  If someone in the coven were allergic to the incense, it could be substituted for another or omitted all together with no apparent affect to the outcome. Discretion can certainly be applied to the individual situation to produce a comfortable environment so the focus can be exclusively on the objective of the working. If you are sincere in your approach, there is no ‘wrong’ way to show your love and dedication to Satan; King of the World!

Satanic Blood and Sex Rituals

Halloween is an important holiday on the Satanist’s calendar, so the Satanic coven celebrates the milestone with Blood Ritual and Sex Ritual. These rituals may be combined and performed as one however, it makes for a very long ritual night. After Halloween, there is only one other Satanic holiday remaining in the year utilizing both rituals and that is December 24th; the Satanic – Demonic Magic Ritual.

The Blood and Sex rituals are often combined with a Satanic Sacrifice Ritual (by proxy). The three rituals joined together make a Satanic Trinity which is referred to, especially by older Satanists, as the “Sanctum of Pain”. The name was derived from pre-AIDS years when the group collected blood from each coven member, placed it into a chalice and each member drank from the chalice at the appointed times as directed by the High Priest / Celebrant.

The Sex Ritual combines the lust and pain element and in some cases, these rituals contained elements of Sadomasochism, combining “pleasure and pain” adopting Aleister Crowley’s approach to Black Magick. Some coven actually use this combined approach much more frequent than others, going as far as bringing special S & M ‘tool kits’ and agreeing on a “Safe word” they can use to signal the other coven members they have reached their pain tolerance maximum. Entering this realm requires the Magus/High Priest/Priestess to be in total control; truly becoming the epitome of “Adcocatus Diaboli”The Devil’s Advocate.

Caution: Due to the extremely high levels of Satanic energy, there is a possibility of a frenzied / uncontrolled environment developing. These combined rituals should only be attempted by experienced, seasoned and skilled practitioners. 

She takes me fully and I begin to accelerate in a steady ascent to the pinnacle perch of the sanctum. Chanting, chanting; “Bread Daily Our Day………” My head is spinning with sensitive, building passion amplifying with every smooth motion. I will soon reward her with the victuals of her labor.“Heaven In Art Who…..” She is taking me to that sublime sphere where all is seen in slowness and in a unity we allow the deepest to emerge. Father is unaffected by the young gasp and screams as a wounded animal being devoured in pieces. Hail Satan!!!

I explode as she points me toward a Paten of wafers in her left hand. I discharge the full load onto the contents of the plate. Father yells as loud as thunder and withdraws. The wafers then absorb the claret of her inner thighs… young and tender, she shakes. Our Father, as emerald lightning, departs and to us………HIS blessing lingers. The Paten is thrown to the floor and trampled………….my legs are weak but I deliver the benediction. Our princess is assisted by our priestess to a sitting position. It is complete! She is now “Family” and she will always have someone looking out for her and the interests of our “Silent Order”.

The Halloween Satanic rituals should be enjoyed and satisfying to everyone involved. With a little planning and preparation you, and your coven members, will be richly blessed, inspired and rejuvenated allowing your coven to grow closer, forming deep bonds with one another.

Until next time,

Aleister Nacht

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