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Satanic Holiday – Walpurgisnacht
Easter Crucifix

With the upcoming Satanic holiday, Walpurgisnacht, our coven begins preparation customarily the first week of April; around the Easter weekend each year. As with any ritual, preparation is vitally important. I have, and will continue, to stress this point time and again. One thing I have noticed from growing older, the “measure twice, cut once” theory is really good advice to follow. Young followers who join one of our groups must learn this very quickly and while the females usually do well with this tidbit of knowledge, the young males of the coven may take a little while (and gentle coaxing) to understand and apply this practice.

Three Week Satanic Study with Aleister Nacht – Rituals and Spells
Hail Satan

My Return To Blogging, Deep Cognitive Penetration and Guided Study After taking a short break from blogging and social media,…

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