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Satanists and Devil Worship
Satanism Aleister Nacht

Satanists are also not pacifists; I personally do not mind altercation and I certainly do not mind conflict. I have had many conflicts in my life and I do not run nor do I backdown from such a challenge. I will highly recommend however, that Satanists always account for their actions. If you violate the law and end up in prison, do not blame someone else; man up and acknowledge how you ended up there. I do not blame my misfortunes on anyone else just as I do not credit someone with my successes! If I am successful in a certain endeavor, I take credit for it. There is only one person that will act on your behalf without hesitation; YOU!

Devil Worship
Satanic Ritual

Humans are social animals and as such, we all seek approval and acceptance from our peers and friends. We as animals certainly want to fit into a clique or circle and it is important for us to seek out those who are like us or seem to be similar to us by certain attributes. The Satanic “Coven” is a prime example of like-minded individuals who come together to accomplish certain goals or tasks because they enjoy one another’s company and that which they are doing together. A coven is some what a family unit; you may have that older and perhaps ‘wiser’ Matriarch or Patriarch who keeps the group focused and moving together with solidarity toward the groups goals. You may also have those who are like sisters and brothers. The younger generation is also represented as those who have come of age and are now flexing their magical wings as they set about on their path.Satanic Sanctum

The Satanic coven is a cohesive unit that should be a functional group. Roles and responsibilities are very important within the coven and also the norms of the group (the acceptable behaviors) should be established in order for everyone to feel comfortable. In intimate situations or environments, the coven can be a source of support, joy and true friendship. The coven can also devolve into contention, disarray and the lack of guidance and supervision will cause the coven to reach the point of dismantling.

The Grand Climax Satanic Holiday July 2014
Grand Climax Satanic Ritual

With the Grand Climax approaching, I wanted to provide some thoughts to those who are busy preparing for this unholy Satanic holiday. The Satanic Grand Climax is celebrated worldwide by covens of all sizes and walks of life and sole practitioners near and far. From eastern Europe to the tip of Argentina, the Black Flame will burn to honor Satan and the Hosts of Hell. The conjuration of Satanic and Demonic power used by the coven is both enjoyed and savored by every member. The true freedom and uncensored actions of the Satanist allows one to be totally honest without feelings of shame or perceived threats of ostracization. We belong to Satan and we look to His power for our wants and needs to be abundantly satisfied. This is Devil Worship; always has been and always will be. Hail Satan!

Aleister Nacht’s Manager Resigns; Pays Settlement
The Door To Nowhere

Adam Cohen, manager and longtime business partner of best-selling author Aleister Nacht, resigned earlier today and agreed to pay $425,000 to settle allegations of fraud and misappropriation of the author’s funds.

The Coven – Sinister Chant, Satanic Ritual Bell and Female vs. Male Satanic Altars
witchcraft and demons

Check out the new episode at The Coven

Sinister Chant, Satanic Ritual Bell and Female vs. Male Satanic Altars

Marie Laveau, Madame LaLaurie, Countess Báthory and the Ten Commandments
Messes Noirs

I am very much a student of history and as such, there are those individuals I find fascinating and stimulating. I respect “Leaders”; they are the ones with the courage to go it alone and say “Fvck Off” when a particular situation so dictates the necessity. I want to point out some women for their “brand” of culture and societal impact. Some are good and some are bad however, all are recognized for the mastery of their chosen proclivity. Let’s get started…….

Preparation for the Summer Solstice Satanic Ritual
Hail Satan

The time between the Summer Solstice ritual (which plants the seeds) and the ensuing Grand Climax (the harvest) is sacred; this a time of Satanic incubation to “ready” the coven for the reward of diligence and patience. The celebration and associated coven solidification (Blood and Sex Ritual) allows huge amounts of energy to be created, focused and applied at the right time and amount………syncronized and orchestrated by Satan Himself.

NEW BOOK RELEASE! “Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas”
Sanctum of Shadows II Corpus Satanas by Aleister Nacht

Satanic and Demonic manifestation is a shocking and baffling experience. Satanists often call upon Satanic forces which require knowledge, dedication, practice, study and investment on a daily basis in order to master.

“Sanctum of Shadows Volume II: Corpus Satanas”, the second book in the “Sanctum of Shadows” series, explains the interrelationships between Satan and Satanic Demons who exist just beyond, yet regularly transverse, our dimension. Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht provides names and characteristics of the Demons he calls upon most frequently for effective results.

Sell Your Soul To Satan – Walpurgisnacht and Satanic Rituals
Old Rugged Cross

Before you begin reading about my favorite time of year, Walpurgisnacht, and the Satanic Rituals that flow well in this conversation, take a moment and clear your head with this little tidbit of information. Enjoy!!

“True Detective” – Louisiana, Satanism, Devil Worship and Child Sacrifice
True Detective on HBO

I have been asked by several readers if the HBO series “True Detective” has accurately portrayed Voodoo (Voudon) and Devil Worship in Louisiana. After much thought, I have decided to weigh-in on the subject…….so to speak.

Satanic Laws
Satanic Mistress

Laws are put into place to protect the greater good, provide fair and equitable treatment and allow everyone an equal…

Aleister Nacht’s Satanic “Coven”
The Coven by Aleister Nacht

“The Coven” provides personal training, education and a growing collection of immaculate audio / video information that enables the practitioner to advance his / her abilities, capabilities and effectiveness.

Satanic Meditation
Aleister Nacht Nude Woman on Boat

When working Satanic Magic spells, be sure to clear your mind of everything except for the focus of the working. When you are having trouble concentrating, you should stop the ritual work and meditate for a few minutes or until you can control your thoughts. This is a very crucial part of magic overall but it especially applies to spells. The focus of your energy must be precise; it should be honed to a Laser point that you are always in control of and are continuously increasing the potency of the energy being generated. Anything less will fail to yield the desired outcome and will perhaps, harm you as a byproduct instead.

Satanic Grimoire
Satanic Altar Nude Woman

There is really nothing special about the format a practitioner chooses because the content is the important and truly value-added substance of the grimoire. It can be as simple as a notebook or as elaborate as a document that is bound in the traditional sense of publishing. Some are bound in fine leather and transcribed onto parchment paper or fine stationary. The important thing is you should accurately record the results of your workings.

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